R. Albert Mohler Jr.

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ANALYSIS: Smartphone hazards and adolescents

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) -- Researcher Jean Twenge has written an article in the Atlantic that is rightfully getting a great deal of attention. She asked the question: "Have smartphones destroyed a generation?" The subhead in her article is this: "More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they're on the brink of a mental-health crisis."

FIRST-PERSON: Crisis in American democracy

R. Albert Mohler Jr. asks "whether the American experiment can survive" radical political change that may result from November's election between likely nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And it poses "a significant problem for many Christians who believe they cannot, in good conscience, vote for either party's nominee," Mohler writes.

FIRST-PERSON: Racial superiority — confronting the truth

R. Albert Mohler Jr. ponders whether the Southern Baptist Convention's founders were heretics over their view of racial superiority.

Osteen message ‘aims for so little’

"It is a false gospel, and one that must be repudiated, not merely reformatted," seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. says of prosperity theology after comments by Victoria Osteen went viral on the Internet.

FIRST-PERSON: Sports –- America’s new religion

Big-time sports represent America's new civic religion, and football is its central sacrament, seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. says.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Downton Abbey’ –- the larger story

Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr., writing about the TV series "Downton Abbey," examines the shift in worldview in England in the early 1900s.

FIRST-PERSON: Stronger together — state Baptist conventions & the SBC

Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. sets forth the value in Southern Baptist life of state Baptist conventions.

FIRST-PERSON: The Pope, the press & the predicament

Columnist R. Albert Mohler Jr. explains what Pope Francis meant when he said of gays, "Who am I to judge?" and sent the international press into a frenzy.

FIRST-PERSON: The central tragedy remains

After the controversial trial and verdict in Florida, seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. writes, the tragedy remains "of a boy now dead, of parents and loved ones grieving, and of a nation further wounded, confused and tormented by the color line."

FIRST-PERSON: Islam’s great challenge to Christian evangelism

Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr. examines whether the United States is "at war with Islam."