Scott Lamb

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TRUTH IN ART: Tornado Over Kansas

ST. LOUIS (BP)--Looking at aerial photographs of tornado-ravaged Union University last week, memories of my own days at the school came to mind.

TRUTH IN ART: The Annunciation

ST. LOUIS (BP)--Which is more exciting -- watching professional actors solve crime on "C.S.I." or watching actual police bust bad guys on "COPS"? Scripted television or reality TV? Just this week I read about a local police detective who solved a 25-year-old homicide case.

Bivocational’s batteries recharged at SBC

SAN ANTONIO (BP)--When Bob Butler walked his family off the airplane in Vermont that February morning, white snow was on the ground and gray clouds in the sky. This was nothing unusual for Vermont, but quite different than weather in his hometown of Tampa, Fla.

Baucham, at Founders, calls for repentance

SAN ANTONIO (BP)–Revival occurs when God awakens His people by reminding them of past lessons and bringing them into present repentance, Voddie Baucham said at the annual breakfast sponsored by Founders Ministries, a Reformed theology fellowship of Southern Baptists. Baucham is the preaching pastor of the Houston-area Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring and author […]

FIRST-PERSON: The Son shall rise

ST. LOUIS (BP)--The year 1515 brought new responsibilities to a young German monk named Martin Luther. He became the overseer of 11 monasteries, and began lecturing on the book of Romans.

TRUTH IN ART: From hippos to eternity

ST. LOUIS (BP)--I have a true fondness for the jumbo hippopotamus. The hairy nose, stubby legs and red-pigmented skin are magnets for my eyes. I like their gigantic shiny bellies. I like their pointy tusks exposed with theatrical yawns. As a child, I stared at my fat hippopotamus friends through iron bars. Modern zoos now give me the opportunity to see them in gigantic aquariums, hippo-paddling around the water with ease.

TRUTH IN ART: Common grace and the beauty of work

ST. LOUIS (BP)--I enjoy working with hand tools. I didn’t say I am skilled with them –- skill and enjoyment are not the same thing. Jacob Lawrence, one of the great American painters of the 20th century, loved to paint pictures of skilled craftsmen who took joy in what they did. One such painting is Builders #1.

TRUTH IN ART: God and the weather

ST. LOUIS (BP)--News reports out of Kenya recently indicated that 10,000 people were left homeless by flooding from the Sabaki River. Too much water in the wrong place and at the wrong time has been the source of devastation throughout history. In 1927, the Mississippi River broke through 145 levees, flooding more land then the entire state of West Virginia.