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Missouri Baptist Foundation subsidiary buys Windermere at auction

CAMDENTON, Mo. (BP) -- The Windermere Baptist Conference Center (WBCC) may have a new lease on life after being bought off the steps of the Camden County (Mo.) Courthouse Dec. 11, 2019, following the campground's "non-judicial foreclosure." Straightway Holdings, Inc. (SHI), a subsidiary of the Missouri Baptist Foundation (MBF), put in the highest bid, gaining ownership of Windermere for $4.745 million. The property was purchased with a loan from WatersEdge Ministry Services, the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma's provider of church loan and investment services.

Windermere conference leader arrested

COLUMBIA, Mo. (BP) -- Windermere Baptist Conference Center's president and chief executive officer was arrested Aug. 5 on charges related to bestiality, Missouri Baptist Convention's newsjournal, The Pathway, reported.

970 Windermere acres acquired by Mo. conv.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (BP) -- The Missouri Baptist Convention has purchased from a third party approximately 970 acres of land formerly part of the MBC's Windermere Baptist Conference Center (WBCC).

Breakaway foundation faces $5.5M judgment

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (BP) –- The Missouri Baptist Foundation, one of five breakaway Missouri convention entities in 2001, has been ordered to pay roughly $5.5 million in legal fees and costs incurred by the convention to restore the foundation to Missouri Baptists.

Governor sued for same-sex Mo. tax order

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (BP) -- Four Missouri taxpayers filed a lawsuit on Jan. 8 challenging Gov. Jay Nixon's executive order to permit some same-sex couples to file a Missouri combined income tax return as "husband" and "wife" for 2013 in spite of a 2004 state constitutional amendment which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.