2003 Faithful Living through Faithful Giving

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Tithing: What should the church teach its members about giving?

EDITOR'S NOTE: A recent study by researcher George Barna found that only 3 percent of Christians tithe -- a decrease from 8 percent in 2001. The principle of tithing, it seems, is not widely practiced as it once was and certainly is not widely understood as a critical form of worship.
      The following series of reports tackle several questions about tithing: Why should Christians tithe? What should a Christian do if his or her spouse objects to tithing? And, is the principle of tithing being taught in churches today?
      Baptist Press trusts that these reports will inform and equip our readers to understand that living faithfully includes giving faithfully.

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)--The news that tithing declined by about 62 percent last year presents the church with both a warning and a challenge, say several experts in Christian financial and seminary circles.

Learning to tithe is essential for healthy
homes as well as healthy churches

DALLAS (BP)--As the leader of a new marriage-enrichment ministry, J.B. Collingsworth knows how crucial money matters are to couples' unions.

Tithing largely ignored as an important act of worship

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--The man who helped train 500 facilitators to present seminars on financial management believes the church must be a strong voice for the principle of tithing.

It’s about love and obedience, not prosperity, tithers say

"Give because He is worthy. We're not to serve God for what we can get out of Him."
Raquel Perez
WOODSTOCK, Ga. (BP)--They have suffered such financial setbacks as bankruptcy, car repossession, staggering credit card bills and scratching for cash to buy their next meal.
      However, since they started tithing, half a dozen Christians told Baptist Press they have more than enough money to provide for their needs. And, they feel they are making positive contributions to God's work in the world.