2007 AFRICA: AIDS and Ministry

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AIDS IN AFRICA: A desperate situation

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (BP)--Miles of shacks built from bits of tin, wood and cardboard hunch shoulder to shoulder amid subsistent living conditions, often exacerbated by the AIDS/HIV epidemic.

AIDS IN AFRICA: Ray of hope for children

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (BP)--Excited chatter fills the one-room school as children, some of them infected with HIV, tug at Amy Boone's dress.

AIDS IN AFRICA: ‘Decide to Decide Right’

HARTSWATER, South Africa (BP)--Lyndee Joe opens a bag of doughnut-like pastries and asks: "Who wants a Fat Cake?" All the Tswana middle school students raise their hands.

AIDS IN AFRICA: Teaching next generations

HARTSWATER, South Africa (BP)--As a child in South Africa, Andrew Murray watched his disabled mother pray daily under a lone camel thorn tree in the middle of their farm. She prayed for her children and the people in Magogong village.

Reaching Cape Town one step at a time

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (BP)–Mike Boone noses his “bakki,” commonly known as an Isuzu truck, though narrow roads in one of Cape Town’s townships. In minutes, the scenery changes from a beautiful old city on the waterfront to miles of devastated townships. An agriculturalist, Boone does church planting and development, focusing on children and young […]

Students see Cape Town’s needs

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (BP)–Crystal blue water and crowded buildings framed by rocky mountain peaks were the sights 17 students and faculty from Union University first noticed upon arriving in Cape Town, South Africa. But the reality of Cape Town soon became painfully clear to the students from the Baptist-affiliated university’s social work and communication […]