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Age-group ministry books available online or through print-on-demand

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–A series of free online books providing help in ministering to specific age groups is now available from LifeWay Church Resources.

The Understanding series of books with information on preschoolers, children, teenagers and adults can be downloaded without charge from the Internet or for a nominal cost through LifeWay’s Print-on-Demand service.

Morlee Maynard, ministry coordination specialist in the Church Resources division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, said, “The information in this series of books will help teachers understand how people in their groups learn. By understanding how they learn, teachers can make wise decisions about teaching methods. They can also develop an understanding as to why LifeWay Christian Resources’ curriculum materials use certain teaching methods and objectives with each age group.”

Maynard said Church Resources decided to make the Understanding series available to provide solutions to customer requests for help in ministering to specific age groups. “The books are primarily written by Christian education professors who specialize in the various age groups,” she said.

“The key to effectively teaching preschoolers, children, youth and adults is understanding how they learn, ways they develop and their life situations. These free online resources provide up-to-date information on all age groups for today’s teachers in all ministries,” Maynard said.

One advantage of having the books “stored” on a computer instead of on a shelf in a warehouse is that they will never have to go out of date. “As new information from research becomes available, we can go in and make changes so the books will always be fresh and current,” Maynard said.

This is Church Resources’ first venture at having online books available at no charge for downloading.

For people who would prefer to purchase a bound copy of any of the Understanding books, copies are available through LifeWay’s Print-on-Demand service. They can be ordered from LifeWay Church Resources Customer Service.

Even though LifeWay does not charge a fee for the material available on the Internet, Internet connection charges may apply. With the books averaging about 95 pages, there is also the time that a computer and printer is dedicated to one project, as well as the cost of the paper, to consider.

“We think that in most cases, the print-on-demand book and the downloaded copy will cost about the same,” Maynard said. “It’s just a matter of what the customer wants to do,” she said, adding that the downloaded copy will be available almost immediately, but it won’t be bound like the print-on-demand copy.

While teachers may be more likely to think about getting training for teaching children and youth, those who work with adults also can benefit from more education.

“Young adults today have unique interests and differ from other adults,” Maynard said. “Median and older adults span several generations. Each has unique needs and interests.”

The age-specific books are:

“Understanding Today’s Preschoolers: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” Written by Morlee Maynard and Jerry Aldridge. Internet Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1383-8): www.lifeway.com/presource/understanding.asp. Print Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1375-7)

“Understanding Today’s Children: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” Written by Jerry Aldridge. Internet Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1384-6): www.lifeway.com/kidtrek/understanding.asp. Print Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1376-5)

“Introducing the 21st Century Teenager.” Written by Allen Jackson and Dwayne Ulmer. Internet Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1380-3): www.youthscape.com/understanding.asp. Print Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1377-3)

“Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Understanding Young Adults 18-24 Years.” Compiled by Morlee Maynard. Internet Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1381-1): www.lifeway.com/bibleinsites/understanding.asp. Print Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1378-1)

“Understanding Today’s Adults: 25 Years and Older.” Written by Jim Walter. Internet Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1382-X): www.lifeway.com/bibleinsites/understanding.asp. Print Edition (ISBN: 0-6330-1379-X)

Each book is available in PDF format. Each can be studied online or downloaded for use in planning meetings and conferences.

Christian Growth Study Plan credits can be earned by people who study the Understanding series.

The print-on-demand editions are available for $5.95 plus shipping by calling 1-800-458-2772 and referencing the print edition’s ISBN. Please allow three weeks for printing and delivery.

“We in Church Resources believe in the importance of teachers understanding their learners so much that we want to make it as easy as possible. When teachers understand their pupils, they’ll be effective teachers,” Maynard said.

For more information, contact Maynard at [email protected] or at (615) 251-3640.

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