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Akin exhorts SEBTS grads to make ‘good, godly decisions’

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (BP)–Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary celebrated its fall commencement Dec. 18 with 114 graduates receiving degrees from the seminary and 45 from the school’s undergraduate program, Southeastern College at Wake Forest.

Seminary President Daniel L. Akin presided over his second graduation ceremony, delivering a charge to students to walk faithfully during their ministry. Akin said that in life, graduates will face choices that will dictate the direction of their ministry, their walk with the Lord and their life.

“Graduation brings you to a very significant fork in the road,” Akin said. “Now what? What is God’s next step in His plan for your life? When it comes to the details, each one of you will answer that question differently, but God has provided a road map and compass to guide you to make good, godly decisions.”

Preaching from Psalm 1, Akin contrasted the choice between the blessed road of joyful obedience to God and the “miserable road of a life that displeases God.”

“Wisdom,” Akin said, “is as much about knowing what to say ‘no’ to as it is about what to say ‘yes’ to. God is very concerned about how you walk, stand and sit. In other words, He’s concerned about your habits of life and the company you keep.”

Akin exhorted the graduates to remain on the road of blessing, keeping Christ first and foremost in their lives.

“There is no place on earth like being in the center of the will of God,” he said. “I would much rather receive His praise than the praise of foolish men. Today, I challenge you –- the Jesus road or the devil’s road -– which will you choose?”

Students received degrees ranging from associate and bachelor degrees to master and doctoral degrees.

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