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American detainees in Afghanistan reportedly not near U.S. targets

WACO, Texas (BP)–A staff member at the home church of two American women being held in Afghanistan said Oct. 7’s bombings targeted a different part of Kabul, the nation’s capital, from where Dayna Curry, 29, and Heather Mercer, 24, were being detained.

Dawn Manoleas of Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas, cited news reports that American-led bombing targets included forts and the airport in the Kabul area. The two women, both graduates of Baylor University, are among eight foreign workers affiliated with the Shelter Now minister who were arrested Aug. 3 for allegedly trying to convert Afghans to Christianity. Their trial was to resume the day of the bombings. No reports are available on the current status of the trial.

In a prayer alert issued just hours after the United States launched attacks on Kabul and various other Afghan locations, Manoleas said the church had contacted someone who had talked to Curry’s and Mercer’s parents.

“There is no new information available from them,” she said. “They are all doing well. Pray for the parents to be supernaturally filled with peace as their concerns for their children increase. Pray for protection for [the parents] and for Danny (Mulkey, Antioch’s assistant pastor) as they remain in Pakistan.”

Manoleas also asked that supporters pray for wisdom for President George W. Bush and the nation’s leaders and for peace for the detainees and the people of Afghanistan.

The situation in Afghanistan grew tense the day before the bombings after the United States rejected an offer from ruling Taliban authorities to release the eight aid workers.

The Washington Post reported that in return the Taliban wanted the United States to “stop ‘its mass propaganda’ of military action against Afghanistan.”

U.S. officials immediately dismissed the offer as a stalling tactic, saying they would not negotiate with the Taliban, which is sheltering accused terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

However, The Post reported that the Afghan rulers announced the release of British journalist Yvonne Ridley, who was arrested in September for sneaking into the country without a visa.

Antioch’s staff continues to ask that people remember the story in Acts 12 of Peter being freed from prison after the church earnestly prayed for him.

“The prayers of all their friends were the keys that opened the jail doors,” Manoleas said. “It has always been both hands working together — the sovereign God of love working with the prayers of people — to bring his purposes about in the earth.

“God is in control and as we continue to walk with him and put our hope and trust in him, he will be our sustainer.”

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