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Bart Starr, Jack Kemp affirm sports’ positive role models

SAN DIEGO (BP)–Legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr, along with former New York congressman and NFL star Jack Kemp, attended the 16th annual Super Bowl Breakfast, voicing a challenge to the nation to honor athletes and individuals committed to excellence.

Hosted by Athletes in Action, Starr was on hand to present his namesake award to Trent Dilfer, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Dilfer was elected by his peers as someone who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community.

Starr said it’s time for the nation to recognize more individuals who have committed their lives to excellence, especially in professional sports.

“There has been too much coverage in the national media about the misfits in professional sports and we don’t hear much about the good ones,” Starr said. “The award we gave Trent is about honoring God, family and a strong work ethic.

“There are some truly remarkable men and women in America who should be recognized as positive role models for the boys and girls of our country,” Starr said. “Let’s take a step forward and promote what is good in people.”

Kemp, who attended the breakfast with some of his 14 grandchildren, went a step forward and suggested it’s time for all Americans in positions of influence to speak out about their Christian faith.

In reference to the National Football League, Kemp praised professional athletes who have been sharing their faith in the public marketplace.

“For professional football players to stand up and declare their witness in Jesus Christ is incredible,” he said. “They are doing their part in helping provide a strong role model to the nation’s young people as well as presenting a powerful witness to Jesus Christ.”
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