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Breakthroughs reported among Jatt Sikhs

DELHI, India (BP)–Doors are starting to open for the spread of the Gospel among the Jatt Sikh people group of India as Christians have prayed and fasted.

Oct. 3 marks the third annual Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Jatt Sikhs. And the breakthroughs:

— Parmajeet Kaur* has been a follower of Jesus for a few years. Three years ago, she had a small fellowship meeting in a rented room behind her home. Her father-in-law did not allow them to meet in the home itself. But now, thanks to prayers for the Jatt Sikhs, they are meeting in Parmajeet’s home, and the fellowship is growing, including her father-in-law who has accepted Christ. Pray that this fellowship will continue to grow and that it will multiply into other fellowships.

— A Jatt Sikh family who lives near Parmajeet and had opposed her in the past recently came to her home and asked for prayer for a seriously ill brother. Parmajeet is praying for them and visiting in their home to share more about Jesus. This is just one example of how God is answering prayer by opening hearts that have long been closed to hearing about Jesus and His gift of salvation.

— When Sydney Singh* became a follower of Jesus, his family kicked him out of their home. His father told Sydney four years ago that he was dead to him, and Sydney also became estranged from his mother and siblings. Last October, on the second annual Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Jatt Sikhs, Sydney had a dream about his father coming to know Jesus as Savior. This June, some close friends gave Sydney his sister’s phone number. When he called her, she said their parents are no longer angry with him. Sydney has not yet met with his family, but he hopes to soon. He has been able to share his Christian faith over the phone with his brothers who live overseas. He also visited some of his cousins in Punjab and shared with them. This has greatly encouraged Sydney in his call for reaching his own people. Pray that doors will continue to open for Sydney to reunite with his family and share the Good News with them and other Jatt Sikhs.

— Soon after Rupinder Kaur* attended a recent evangelistic training session, she brought one of her Jatt Sikh neighbors to see Sydney and his wife. The Jatt Sikh woman had just prayed to receive Christ. After Rupinder’s neighbor left the home, Rupinder announced that she wants to see churches filled with people like her neighbor. She had shared her own story with the Jatt Sikh woman and said she wants to continue telling people what Jesus has done in her life. Please pray that Rupinder will continue to find joy in sharing her testimony with Jatt Sikhs and leading them into the Kingdom of God. Pray also that her neighbor will now share the story of her own changed life with others.

— In one village, at least four Jatt Sikh families have placed their faith in Jesus Christ during the past year after various members of the families were healed from physical ailments. Sukhkirat Kaur* shared with her sister and brother-in-law. They both came to the Lord along with their two sons, daughter and son-in-law. This family then shared with another family, and they came to the Lord as well.
*Names changed for security purposes. Irene Wayne is the strategy coordinator for the Jatt Sikh people group in India. For more information about the Jatt Sikhs of India, visit www.go2southasia.org/peoples/p_jatt_sikh.html.

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