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Casting Crowns stays focused in mission, message

MCDONOUGH, Ga. (BP) – As the award-winning band Casting Crowns reflects on 20 years in the Christian music industry, lead singer Mark Hall notes the group’s mission and message have remained the same as when they first started recording and touring.

With the upcoming release of their compilation album “Lifesongs: Celebration of the First 20 Years,” the group looks back on God’s faithfulness and looks ahead with hope and expectation of what is to come.

“Our songs have always been discipleship set to music,” Hall told TAB. “These songs are our prayers and a way of reminding us that God is worthy of all of our worship, the breath in my lungs, and that God is seeking our whole heart to worship Him.”

By sharing the message behind their music, Casting Crowns desires to connect listeners to unshakeable Gospel truths while reminding them about the importance of praising God in the midst of life’s storms. 

Band members and their families have dealt with various trials through the years. In 2015 Hall had a cancer scare and took four months off from touring following the successful removal of a cancerous growth on his right kidney.

Tragically, in 2021 the band’s former drummer Andy Williams died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

“Through various storms I’ve been reminded that sometimes healing doesn’t come the way we want it to, and sometimes it makes us think that God didn’t heal at all,” Hall said. “During those times, it’s important to remember that God always brings healing. … Sometimes Jesus calms the storms, and sometimes He rides them out with us.”


As their music has reached audiences around the world, Casting Crowns is encouraged by hearing from fans.

“God constantly reminds me about the purpose of this ministry by hearing testimonies from parents about their kids dealing with dyslexia like I did and the struggles they are facing in school,” Hall said. “To know that they are being encouraged to keep pressing on because they see where I’ve been and how God has used me is so inspiring. It’s also a great blessing to know that my story has encouraged other ministers to enter seminary — because if God can use me, He can use anyone.”

In addition to performing, writing songs and books, Hall has spent more than 20 years working with students at Eagles Landing First Baptist Church in McDonough, Ga. 

While Hall admitted his schedule remains a constant balancing act, he said reaching as many people as possible for Jesus Christ is the driving force for all he does. His bandmates also serve at their churches in both full- and part-time capacities.

In addition to Hall, Casting Crowns includes Juan DeVevo (guitar), Josh Mix (lead guitar), Melodee DeVevo (violin and cello), Megan Garrett (piano and keyboard), Jack Williams (drums) and John Michael Hall (bass).

Spotlight on Jesus

Despite the accolades the group has received, through the years they’ve attempted to keep the spotlight on Christ.

“We started out as a youth group band and that’s still where we are today, leading worship for students,” Hall said. “You can give [band members] awards, but they’re still just the real deal. They love Jesus and students with all their heart.

“My favorite part about being in Casting Crowns is that this group hasn’t lost their focus — we are about serving the local church, and the songs are an extension of that ministry and priority.”

This fall Casting Crowns will be doing concerts across the country on their 20th anniversary tour. 

This article was originally published in The Alabama Baptist.

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