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In the BP story, “3 BGCT seminary committee members also CBF steering committee leaders,” dated 9/22/00, please delete the last paragraph and substitute the following:

Joe Trull, another committee member, attends the First Baptist Church, Wimberly. The pastor at FBC Wimberly, affirmed his church’s support of the SBC. Although a member of FBC Wimberly, Trull also serves as pastor of Driftwood Baptist Church. Dr. Trull reports that Driftwood Baptist Church contributes 10 percent of its budget to the Cooperative Program.

In the last paragraph of the original story a comment was attributed to a church secretary, but did not identify the secretary as serving FBC Wimberly, the church where Dr. Trull holds membership. This error has caused some confusion. Further, the statement was not a necessary element in the story.

Finally, readers should enjoy a little history about Driftwood Baptist Church where Dr. Trull pastors. Some time, a long time ago, a tornado destroyed the Driftwood Baptist Church building. The Methodist congregation in Driftwood invited the Baptist congregation to share the Methodists’ facilities. The two congregations have shared this meeting place ever since. Each congregation has its own pastor. However, this community shares what it has in common — a structure that facilitates much of what each congregation does … and the love of God. By all accounts, cooperation has brought both congregations blessings of peace and fellowship. Moreover, their unity in the Spirit bears witness of God’s power to a lost world.

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