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Desired personal qualities listed for next Annuity Board president

DALLAS (BP)–Trustees of the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Dallas Feb. 24-25, approved a list of 12 personal “qualities, traits and/or characteristics” they will use as a measure when considering nominations for the next president and chief executive officer.

Paul W. Powell, president since March 1, 1990, will be 65 years old in December 1998. W. Gordon Hobgood, Jr., chief operating officer, will be 65 years old in August 1997. Bylaws of the Annuity Board do not require retirement of officers at age 65, but by custom they have retired at the annual board meeting following their 65th birthdays.

Powell and Hobgood initiated a study of succession with the trustees in February 1996, observing the close proximity of their retirements to each other, and additional executive officers nearing retirement.

With the knowledge and encouragement of Powell and Hobgood, then- board chairman Richard C. Scott named a presidential search committee at the November 1996 trustee meeting. The committee was given no time frame for completion of its work.

J. Ray Taylor, a Texas trustee and chairman of the search committee, reported to trustees Feb. 24 that the committee has met and developed a list of 12 personal qualities after seeking input from all trustees. The full board approved the list as follows:

Annuity Board President Qualities, Traits and/or Characteristics

— 1) A man of vision, wisdom, compassion and humility

— 2) Ordained Southern Baptist minister with successful ministry experience — Meets the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:1-7

— 3) Understands Southern Baptist polity and Convention organization

— 4) Supports the Southern Baptist Convention by
— Affirming The Baptist Faith and Message Statement of 1963 — Promoting the Cooperative Program — Local church identification with Convention missions and ministries — Loyalty to agencies and institutions

— 5) Understands and embraces the fiduciary responsibility of the Annuity Board

— 6) Has ability to recruit and willingness to rely on professionals

— 7) Has attained an appropriate level of educational preparation

— 8) Demonstrates a strong work ethic

— 9) Has had successful management experience

— 10) Demonstrates an approachable management style

— 11) Has proven leadership skills

— 12) Demonstrates outstanding communication skills

Taylor said any person may send a nomination accompanied by a written resume, and a statement that the nomination is made with the consent of the nominee, to: J. Ray Taylor, Chairman, Presidential Search Committee, 3695 Encanto, Fort Worth, TX 76109.

Serving with Taylor are T. Jack Colvin of Mississippi, Alton L. Fannin of Oklahoma, Thomas A. Shaw of Oklahoma, David C. Sheppard of Missouri, J. Kirk Thompson of Arkansas, S. Glenn Weekley of Tennessee and Donald H. Wills of Texas. The chairman of the board of trustees serves as an ex-officio member.

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