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DISASTER RELIEF DIGEST: Oklahoma, Kentucky disaster relief teams bring aid to Louisiana

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief in Louisiana

LAKE CHARLES, La. (BP) — Work has begun for 60 Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) volunteers who are serving throughout Lake Charles, La.

Don Williams, Oklahoma Baptists’ DR director, reported the team received 75 work orders, involving cleanup with tree limb removal, and 15 of the orders have already been completed.

“Oklahoma Baptist DR volunteers have been working hard as soon as they have arrived,” Williams said. “Lake Charles has been hit hard by Hurricane Laura. Many are still without power and running water, but we will continue to provide hope and healing to Lake Charles.”

The DR feeding crew started providing meals Thursday (Sept. 3) serving 2,500 lunches and will serve 2,500 dinners this evening. Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, meal recipients remain in cars, as DR volunteers deliver the meals to them.

“The line of cars was around the church before we started serving at 11 a.m.,” Williams reported.

View a photo gallery of the volunteers’ work here.

Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief in Louisiana

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP) – Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief workers have been in East Texas and Louisiana helping victims of Hurricane Laura. An 18-member chainsaw team got busy taking limbs off roofs and a 12-member feeding team provided the food. Volunteers have had multiple Gospel conversations with the victims, some of whom lost homes and more.

View a photo gallery of the volunteers’ work here.

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