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ELECTION 08: New N.Y. gov. liberal, too

NEW YORK (BP)–New Yorkers soon will have a different governor, but for social conservatives in the state it appears there will be few, if any, changes in the new administration.

Outgoing Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer was a strong supporter of legalizing “gay marriage” and introduced a bill in the legislature to do just that in 2007. But the incoming governor, current Lt. Gov. David Paterson, also supports “gay marriage” and has received high marks from homosexual activists.

Paterson, like Spitzer, also supports abortion rights and has received awards from pro-choice groups.

Spitzer stepped down in the midst of a scandal that exposed his participation in a prostitution ring, including a visit with a prostitute as recently as Feb. 13. Paterson will take office Monday. The controversy comes as state Senate Democrats make plans to try and take back the New York Senate this fall.

“David Paterson is a terrific, progressive guy — extremely LGBT-friendly,” Ethan Geto, a Democratic analyst and homosexual activist, told the homosexual publication Advocate. “LGBT” is an acronym for “lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered.”

“He is somebody who would absolutely follow through on the commitment of the senate Democratic conference to pass gay marriage,” Geto added.

In 2007 Paterson told the New York Blade newspaper that he was going to take the lead and “be in front” of the fight to legalize “gay marriage.”

“One of the reasons we need same-sex marriage is because the statistics for heterosexual marriage are so bad; that might be a way to upgrade some of the success rates,” he was quoted as saying.

A bill that would legalize “gay marriage” passed the Democratic-controlled state Assembly last June but was blocked in the Republican-controlled Senate. Homosexual activists hope to clear the path toward legalization this fall by helping Democrats win back the Senate.

Paterson also has received awards from two pro-choice groups, Family Planning Advocates of New York State and Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, LifeNews.com reported. In a letter to Family Planning Advocates last year, Paterson praised the organization’s efforts “to keep abortion safe and legal,” saying it “benefited women and families throughout the state,” LifeNews.com said.

As attorney general, Spitzer targeted crisis pregnancy centers, saying they were deceptive.

CLINTON, OBAMA SPLIT RELIGIOUS VOTE — Hillary Clinton won among self-identified Catholics in Mississippi March 11, but Barack Obama won among the state’s large Protestant population to help him carry the state, according to exit polls.

Obama won among self-identified Protestants, 56-41 percent, while Clinton won among Catholics, 54-42 percent. Protestants made up 76 percent of Democratic voters, Catholics 8 percent.

Obama also won among voters who attend church more than weekly (58-38 percent) and weekly (64-35 percent).

LONG WAIT BEFORE NEXT PRIMARY — After seeing a primary or caucus held nearly every week this year, political junkies will have to wait until the Pennsylvania primary April 22 for the next contest. An average of the last four polls at RealClearPolitics.com shows Clinton leading Obama by 16 points in the state.
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