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Factory that ‘supplies the word’ needs Christ

DONGGUAN, China (BP) — They’ve already impacted your life. Now it’s time to touch theirs.

The influence of factories in Dongguan, China, is all over your house. You don’t have to look much farther than your cell phone or computer. Most likely, your favorite knit shirt was made here, even the shoes you wear.

Southern Baptist worker David Rice* challenges you to make an eternal impact on this city that “supplies the world.” He’s looking for partners to adopt each of the 32 districts in Dongguan.

“I’m looking for long-term volunteer partners. The idea is to establish relationships,” Rice says. “This city is too big for just me. I need some help.”

Rice envisions:

— volunteer teams cutting factory workers’ hair.

— middle management-level classes based on biblical morals taught in factories.

— men playing golf with factory owners.

— medical teams offering clinics in the factories.

The list is endless. All lead to the common goal of sharing the Gospel message.

So, as you pick up that toy off the floor, think about where it originated. When you sit in your favorite chair, labeled “Made in China,” pray about how you and your church can impact Dongguan.

For information on how you can adopt a district in Dongguan, contact [email protected].
Susie Rain is an International Mission Board writer/editor living in Southeast Asia.

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