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Faith, family & football fuel Ga. coach’s influence

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (BP)–Mention time with his children and a smile spreads across Mark Richt’s face. Especially when it comes to wrestling on the living room floor.

“All of them together give me a pretty good match,” said the University of Georgia’s new head football coach — a father of four. “But all you have to do is put a pretty good hurting on the leader and the rest of them are ready to run.”

But sometimes, even the younger ones get the best of him, Richt said.

“Davey can hurt you if you’re not looking,” Richt said of his 6-year-old son — the second oldest. “He bloodied my nose one day. That was his highlight.”

For Richt, family is central. It’s all a part of his plan to make an impact for Christ at his job and on the community, he said.

“I hope that I’m honoring [Christ] by what I do, not just by what I say,” said Richt. “Modeling how a father should treat his children, how a husband should treat his wife. How a person should treat another person, how a person in authority should develop who they’re in authority over.”

Richt, 40, spent 14 seasons as quarterbacks coach at Florida State University and was coordinator the last seven of one of the most prolific offensive attacks in college football history, gathering two national championships during his tenure.

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