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Family readiness neededfor crisis pregnancies

EULESS, Texas (BP)–Teenage pregnancy is an issue that confrontsthe homes of Christian families as well as churches. Just as churchesmust be educated to minister to the pregnant, so must parents who hearthe tough news — either that their daughter is pregnant or their sonhas impregnated his girlfriend.
Paula Odom, director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center ministry ofFirst Baptist Church, Euless, Texas, said parents need to remember, evenin the tough times, that they are called to reflect Christ to theirchildren.
“Be consistent with them, but be careful what you say. Don’t evertell them, ‘Don’t you dare come home pregnant!’ That message isdevastatingly frightening to them. Watch who your children run with,too. Always communicate with your children,” she said.
Odom added, “Love your children unconditionally. Don’t abandonthem just because they have made this mistake. Tell them that youforgive them because Christ forgives them. Help them make the best plansfor this baby, your grandchild.”
Odom also noted fathers have vitally important roles in raisingtheir children to have proper attitudes regarding sex. “Fathers need toremember to continue to care for their daughters, showing appropriatelove and affection for them all the time. Many young women seek thatlove and affection in their boyfriends when the father pulls awayemotionally as his daughter matures.”
Men need to teach their sons important lessons, as well, Odomsaid. “Young men need to learn their role as man to the woman they love,which is to respect and protect her. They need to understand what itmeans to be the father. Dads need to share with their sons the biblicalconcept of how precious their seed is and how premarital sex is anactivity that shows they are being uncaring about the safety of theirfuture child.”

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