Bryan McAnally

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FIRST-PERSON: Using Facebook for the Gospel

GRAPEVINE, Texas (BP)--As one of 400 million people using Facebook, I joined the social network specifically to extend my ministry.

FIRST-PERSON: At the base of the Rockies, love & servanthood amid tears

FLORENCE, Colo. (BP)--Rick Ferguson once wrote about the comfort of Christ's love in his book, "The Servant Principle":

FIRST-PERSON: Something ‘good’ from the manger to the cross to the Christmas tree

CRAIG, Colo. (BP)–Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth;” and it was so. The words are printed plainly enough in my Bible. These words are the third command of […]

Hospice chaplain faces death daily as ‘a privilege … a calling&

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–Margie Atkinson is surrounded by death and despair. Each day, she joins hand with people with Alzheimer’s disease, terminal cancer and numerous other fatal conditions, often accompanying them along the final steps of their lives. Atkinson is chaplain and director of spiritual care for Community Hospice in Fort Worth, Texas. “Helping the […]

Southwestern’s mentorship program succeeding for students & churches

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) — Personal sins, broken homes, members who don’t tithe, committees for committees for committees, lack of space, starting mission churches, developing ministries — these challenges confront students leaving seminary or college and entering Christian service.To better prepare students for ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has for the past three years provided […]

Son’s murder inspires dad’s book to help others deal with tragedy

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–When death strikes savagely without warning, little can be done to prepare surviving loved ones for hearing the news. Perhaps, though, they can be prepared to cope with the aftermath.Carl Wrotenberry, who knows firsthand about such grief, has written a book on the matter. “After the Last Song: Dealing with Unexpected Death,” […]

Former missionary’s Africa collection reaches 3,000 volumes at Southw

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)–About two hundred books will be added in July to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Quillen Collection, which includes first-edition books by famed missionary and naturalist David Livingstone and by missionary pioneer Robert Moffat. The 3,000-volume collection, housed in the A. Webb Roberts Library, and comprised mostly of books about eastern, central and […]

‘Wounded Heroes’ tell of crisis & redemption at SBC

SALT LAKE CITY (BP)–At first glance, this luncheon appeared to be just like others scheduled in connection with the June 9-11 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Salt Lake City. The guests of honor were seated at the head table of the Salt Palace Convention Center’s packed ballroom. They faced a bevy of “successful” Southern […]

Youth serve as ‘Frontliners’ in SBC witnessing effort

SALT LAKE CITY (BP)–In Southern Baptists’ campaign to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the people of Salt Lake City, more than 250 youth from Southern Baptist churches in Texas, Florida and Utah stepped to the battlefield’s front lines. The youth, known as “Frontliners,” are receiving daily training, June 8-10, in witnessing strategies and […]

They won a contest nobody wants to win

DALLAS (BP)–The 52 pastors, ministers and spouses gathering at the posh Cooper Aerobics Center Jan. 26-31 represented a select collection of Southern Baptist clergy. They won a contest nobody wants to win. These ministers’ invitations were extended not on the basis of church growth, baptisms or financial contributions, but instead because their lives, marriages and […]