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FIRST-PERSON: Healthy suggestions for a happy holiday season

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, we are quickly headed into the full swing of the holiday season. During this season, I enjoy the constant reminder of the birth of our Savior. God’s gift of Jesus provides redemption and the promise of abundant and eternal life.

God gave his very best to us through Christ and all he asks for is our best in return. One of the best gifts we can give back to God is the proper stewardship of the body he gave us to live in.

A healthy body is a powerful ministry tool that God can work through in the years he allows you to serve on this earth. Our bodies are a precious gift from God and deserve proper care and treatment. When we fuel and use our bodies as God designed, we reap the benefits of good health.

The holiday season can present some interesting challenges to maintaining good health. Here are a few tips modified from the Fit 4 Nutrition Study that can help you enjoy the festivities without adding extra pounds:

1. If you are in charge of a holiday celebration, plan activities that don’t include food. Board games, charades, walking to see Christmas decorations, caroling in the neighborhood or ice-skating are active, interactive and fun ways to celebrate with friends and family.

2. When at a party or dinner, eat slowly. When you eat slowly it gives your body time to digest the food and be satisfied. You will also be more in tune with the Christmas carols when you are full without stuffing yourself.

3. If you feel you must taste some of everything, fill your plate with small servings. Avoid going back for seconds.

4. Don’t apologize for making wise choices. It is your decision to honor God with your food choices. Avoid allowing others to sway your commitment or pressure you into changing your mind.

5. Don’t impose your views on others. Lead by example, not words.

6. Maintain your regular activity level as much as possible. In reality, parties and other social gatherings are a small part of the season. Schedule your time to include exercise and healthful meal choices during the day and at home.

7. Avoid a “dieting” mentality. Enjoy the season. Trust yourself to make the best choices in every situation. Depriving yourself will only lead to overindulgence.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and healthy New Year.
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