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FIRST-PERSON: Homosexual groups target America’s schools

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–Schoolteachers read books with homosexual themes to children as young as six and seven years old. Lawmakers approve a measure that would mandate “gay history” as part of the curriculum. Legislators favor textbooks that drop “sex-specific” terms like “mom” and “dad.”

If you thought the aforementioned paragraph was describing Sweden or Denmark, you are wrong. It summarizes activity taking place in the United States of America.

In April, parents in Lexington, Mass., complained because their second-grade son was read a fantasy book about two princes who get “married.” When they contacted the school, they were told that because “same-sex marriage” is legal in Massachusetts, parents cannot opt out a child from such experiences.

An administrator explained that the school was “committed to teaching children about the world they live in.”

The Massachusetts incident, while the most recent, is not isolated. Over the past few years there have been other reports of teachers introducing “homosexual marriage” to young children.

The California Senate recently approved a bill that requires all social studies textbooks to “study the role and contributions of … people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender … with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society.” Thankfully, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vowed to veto the bill.

What is the point of all of the above? It is that homosexual activists continue on their crusade to have society validate their behavior as natural, normal and healthy.

Once upon a time, homosexual activists claimed they simply wanted to be tolerated. “Live and let live” was their mantra.

But today, only the most strident activists would deny that homosexuality is accepted in America. Homosexuals are represented in every strata of society. If their goal was simply toleration, it has been achieved.

However, toleration for homosexuality was never the end for activists; it was only a stepping stone. Their real goal is equality. Homosexual activists will not be satisfied until their behavior is validated and valued as equivalent with heterosexuality.

In order to achieve their ultimate desire, activists have turned their attention to the public schools. Why? First, the vast majority of children in America attend government schools. Second, children are very impressionable.

What is the point of introducing “homosexual marriage” to a six-year old? There is but one point — to plant the seed that it is as natural, normal and healthy as natural, traditional marriage.

What is the value of exploring the sexual proclivities of homosexual historical figures? The only value is an attempt to elevate homosexuality to the same status of heterosexuality.

A close examination will find that activists have had to expand their original goal of promoting homosexuality to include other deviant behaviors like bi-sexuality and transgender. The California law even acknowledges this. Why? Because once you begin to accept sexual behavior beyond heterosexuality as normal, where do you stop?

“There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex,” singer Elton John, who is homosexual, once said. “People should be very free with sex; they should draw the line at goats.”

By what rationale does Mr. John draw the line at goats? If anything beyond heterosexuality goes, then who is he to draw the line anywhere?

Today a teacher introduces a second grader to the concept of “same-sex marriage,” tomorrow he or she could well be reading a book about a man marrying five women. If “homosexual marriage” is valid then why not polygamy?

If history makes no mention of a notable person’s sexual practices, should students be led to speculate? Was he or she exclusively heterosexual or perhaps bi-sexual?

Someone once said, “He who controls the youth, controls the future.” Homosexual activists want a future that not only validates their behavior but also equates it with heterosexuality. And they are going to try and manipulate America’s children to get it.
Boggs is editor of the Baptist Message newspaper in Louisiana.

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