Kelly Boggs

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CALL TO PRAYER: Profound gratitude

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)--The vast majority of us were taught from an early age that we should express gratitude upon receiving something from someone. Whether it was a compliment or a gift, we were instructed to say "thank you" to the person that extended the kindness.

FIRST-PERSON: Christ our only hope

Taking responsibility for one's past, regardless of who else may have been involved, is the first step toward receiving forgiveness in grace through Christ, columnist Kelly Boggs says.

FIRST-PERSON: Houston’s First Amendment ignorance

Houston's subpoena of five pastors' sermons reflects ignorance of the First Amendment and IRS regulations, columnist Kelly Boggs says.

FIRST-PERSON: Can gender be ignored?

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP) -- News outlets reported incorrectly that a Nebraska school district was planning to prohibit teachers from referencing students as boys and girls or ladies and gentlemen. But the desire to create a genderless society in America does exist.

FIRST-PERSON: Ebola, sin & Christ’s resurrection

The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in America illustrates the biblical doctrine of sin and provokes reflection on Jesus' resurrection, columnist Kelly Boggs says.

FIRST-PERSON: Standing firm amid intolerance

Christians in America increasingly are being forced to choose between acceptance and faithfulness, columnist Kelly Boggs says. He urges them to choose faithfulness at all costs.

FIRST-PERSON: Count your blessings

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP) -- You can count your burdens or you can count your blessings. It is your choice. But take care; your decision will have consequences.

FIRST-PERSON: Religious freedom doesn’t fold ‘like a cheap lawn chair’

Baptist Press columnist Kelly Boggs challenges how a small cross on a football helmet is a violation of the First Amendment. The cross -- worn by Arkansas State's football team as a memorial to two deceased individuals -- was removed after an attorney complained to the university's attorney. Arkansas State, Boggs writes, "folded up like a cheap lawn chair" in regard to First Amendment freedoms.

Michael Sam, the NFL & homosexuality

The publicity surrounding openly gay NFL player Michael Sam is unwarranted for a practice squad defensive end and suggests that the NFL is attempting to normalize homosexuality, columnist Kelly Boggs says.

FIRST-PERSON: The increase of narcissism

Narcissism is as old as Adam and Eve, but displays of it have become more egregious in recent years, columnist Kelly Boggs says.