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FIRST-PERSON: It’s not all about love

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following column addresses issues of homosexuality and is written to inform adults. It contains descriptions of the Folsom Street Fair, an annual sexually charged, perverse event in San Francisco with mostly homosexual participants. The column shows what is at stake in the cultural battle and what the future holds for the society and our children if activists succeed in defining homosexuality as a protected status.

ALEXANDRIA, La. (BP)–“San Fran Considering Gay Public Sex Tents,” the headline on FoxNews.com recently read. The accompanying story pointed out that a member of the “leather community” made the suggestion that tents be made available during the Golden Gate City’s Folsom Street Fair and companion Up Your Alley Fair to allow participants to engage in sexual activity.

The sex tent suggestion was made in response to complaints about public sex taking place during both of the events.

For the uninitiated, according to Wikipedia — an online information source that can be subjective and biased — the “leather community denotes practices and styles of dress organized around sexual activities…. Leather culture is most visible in gay communities.”

The Folsom Street Fair is an annual homosexual/leather celebration of all things debauched and perverted. It occurs each year during September in San Francisco. It has been estimated that upwards of 400,000 attend the event. I am not familiar with the Up Your Alley Fair, but my Internet research leads me to believe it is a lesser version of the Folsom Street Fair.

It is no secret that sexual activity takes place in public during the Folsom Street Fair. According to an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle, “San Francisco officials and police have historically given the fairs broad leeway to self-police bawdy behavior….”

The “broad leeway” the Chronicle editorial cites is a very tactful way of saying that San Francisco’s government and law officials have turned a blind eye to public sex, which is illegal in California.

It seems that the Folsom Street Fair has grown in popularity to the point that many heterosexuals and even families have started to attend the event. And why not? After all, for years now the homosexual activists and their apologists have insisted that they are no different than mainstream society. Shouldn’t their public street fair be just like any other street fair?

Those heterosexuals and families that attended the San Francisco street fairs were not prepared for the sexual spectacle they encountered. They were treated to a parade of nudity accented by public sex acts would make the Marquis de Sade blush. The result: they complained.

How does one aspect of the homosexual community (the leather community) respond to the complaints? Is there a call for an end to the debauchery? No, there is a suggestion that public sex tents be made available in order for the unbridled hedonism to continue. I get the feeling that at least some in the homosexual community are upset that people are offended by public sex.

The city of San Francisco has yet to respond to the complaints of public sex at street fairs. However, according to a variety of reports, at least one San Francisco official, Supervisor Bevan Duffy, has agreed to take the idea of public sex tents “under advisement.”

Even the ultra liberal San Francisco Chronicle is offended by the idea.

“Public sex isn’t just lewd, it’s illegal under state law…. Instead people are giving serious thought to ways to make the streets safe for public sex and unsafe for public decency. Enough. This is a quality-of-life issue that should have been tackled years ago. Local leaders need to stop clowning around and insist that everyone obey the law.”

For years homosexual activists have insisted that homosexuality is not about sex but rather it is about love. I contend that homosexuality is only about behavior — sexual behavior. From singer Adam Lambert’s recent vulgar simulation of homosexual debauchery during the American Music Awards to public sex at homosexual pride events, and much more, homosexuality is about aberrant sexual expression.

Too many in America have bought the lie that homosexuality is normal and healthy. Public sex during a community fair is not normal and it is not healthy. It is perverted and illegal. And those who have allowed it to take place, and who defend it, only serve to prove that homosexuality is all about the love of unnatural sexual behavior.
Kelly Boggs is a weekly columnist for Baptist Press and editor of the Baptist Message (www.baptistmessage.com), newsjournal of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

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