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FIRST-PERSON: Life is on the scoreboard

McMINNVILLE, Ore. (BP)–If the struggle for the life of the unborn in America were a football game, the recent law banning the grizzly procedure known as “partial-birth abortion” might only be a single touchdown. But when you haven’t scored in a while, any points on the scoreboard are worth celebrating.

When President Bush signed the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act into law on Nov. 5, it marked the first federal restrictions on an abortion procedure in 30 years. Those concerned about the sanctity of life in general, and the life of unborn children in particular, raised their arms to signal a significant score.

However, pro-life leaders — many who have labored for years — understand that while this single score is worth celebrating, many more trips to the end zone are needed if all abortion in America is to be defeated. If all we do is spike the ball after this single score, the comeback for the sanctity of life will be short-lived.

Is it really possible to mount a rally that can end the three-decade holocaust of the unborn in America? Can the pro-life cause really string together enough touchdowns to claim ultimate victory? Yes, but in order to keep the comeback alive, grassroots Americans must leave their comfortable seats on the 50-yard line and become participants rather than mere spectators.

How can you contribute to defeating abortion? One way is with your money. Give generously to pro-life causes. Your local crisis pregnancy center needs your support. CPCs are helping women make right choices concerning their unborn children. State and national pro-life organizations need your dollars as well. It takes money to field a winning team and every contribution helps.

You can also donate your time. Every minute you give answering a telephone or stuffing an envelope saves a pro-life organization money. You might even consider becoming a counselor for your local CPC. After you are trained you will have the opportunity to provide much-needed help to women and their unborn children.

Another way to assist the successful comeback for life is to vote – and to do so for pro-life candidates. On national and state levels, elected officials nominate and approve judges. For too long, too many magistrates have legislated from the bench. It is time to elect officials who will appoint judges to interpret law rather than create it.

Liberals have made no bones about their stand concerning judicial appointments. Candidates representing the Democrat Party routinely state that if elected they will only appoint judges who will support abortion on demand. Already judges in Nebraska, New York and California have issued legal challenges to the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act.

Your vote counts. You must decide if it will count for the life of the unborn or for the death of the same.

For some of us, the effort to insure that the most recent touchdown is not the last will require that we speak up. There is no reason to shy away from supporting the child in the womb. Medical facts speak for themselves. The technological advancements over the past 30 years leave no doubt that the unborn child is a living being.

Pro-life leaders at every level need your support. Write letters of encouragement and speak up for them. Cheerleaders and fans yell and scream for their team until hoarse. Can we do no less for the unborn and those who seek to protect them?

“A major step towards creating conditions to end legal abortion” is how Kate Michelman, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, referred to the Partial-birth Abortion Ban Act. Whether it is a “major” step is still a matter of debate. However, in the struggle for the life of the unborn it is a much-needed touchdown and well worth celebrating. My hope is that the pro-life team will find the end zone many more times in the years to come.

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  • Kelly Boggs