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FIRST-PERSON: Storm-weary people need believers’ lighthouses

EULESS, Texas (BP)–One of my favorite places visit is the New England coastline. I love to smell the salty air and see the rocky shores. One of the most prominent fixtures on the New England coast is the image of a lighthouse. Since our nation’s inception, people have used the lighthouse to sweep away the darkness so that ships could sail safely into harbor. Lighthouses are a symbol of hope and guidance to storm-weary mariners.

Did you know that we are like those lighthouses? If we have asked Jesus Christ into our hearts and made him Lord of our lives, then we have a light brighter than a million lighthouses inside of us: we have the light of life. Many, however, live in utter darkness. It’s like they are fumbling around in the dark trying to turn a light on, and they can’t find the light switch.

That’s where we come in. Jesus said that we are the light of the world. He told us to shine brightly so that the people who live in darkness will see our light, come to it and then receive the light of the world, Jesus Christ. We are lighthouses in the dark, stormy world. Many are lost, like those storm-weary mariners, in a black sea of sin and need to find a way to safe harbor. We have the opportunity to point them to the safe harbor of Jesus. In him, they will find what we have found — direction, peace and forgiveness.

So, how can we let our light shine? How do we shine his light in our families?

Let’s talk practically: If we are the light of the world, then we have the opportunity to impact both our families and the world around us for God and for good. If we are going to shine brightly in our homes, the first thing that must happen is this: We must actively make the Lord first in our homes. We establish the right priority in our families when the Lord lives in first place. What does putting God first look like? It looks like this: We prioritize him above finances, education, sports and personal pleasure. We focus on his desire for our lives and for our family and then let him order the rest.

With the Lord first, an incredible change will happen. With him first, our homes will begin to burn brightly with the light of Christ. And as lighthouses in a dark world, we will shine and sweep away the darkness. And when we shine, storm-weary people will come to Jesus and find rest, peace and forgiveness. I want to encourage you: LET IT SHINE!
Thomas is pastor of First Baptist Church, Euless, Texas. For more of his resources on discipleship, visit Lifepoints at www.firstonthe.net.

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