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FIRST-PERSON: The real goal of the climate conference?

DALLAS (BP)–Another United Nations Climate Conference has come to an end. Delegates from 194 countries traveled to Cancun, Mexico, where they hobnobbed and deliberated for two weeks.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon delivered the first speech. Pat Carlson, president of Texas Eagle Forum, was in attendance and reports that the Mexican president “spoke with great concern about global warming and the damage humans are perpetrating on the planet citing the deaths of 60 people in Mexico because of weather extremes.” Mrs. Carlson thought the concern seemed a little out of proportion considering thousands are dying in Mexico due to drug violence.

The truth is that most of these folks were not in Cancun to change the climate. They were there to advance the global redistribution of wealth from rich countries to poor. They argue that the United States and other developed nations have caused global warming by emitting too much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Now we’re supposed to hand over billions of bucks to poor and developing nations to pay some sort of historical debt. This hoax is built upon certain assumptions.

Brian Sussman, award-winning television weatherman and now San Francisco radio host, wrote a great book last year: “Climategate.” In it he discusses the erroneous claims made at every climate conference:

— Claim No. 1: Temperatures will rise about four degrees in the 21st century. Sussman points out that since 1850, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the average surface temperature of the earth has risen only .7 degrees Celsius. That’s just over one degree Fahrenheit in 160 years. And most of this was before 1942! Scary!

— Claim No. 2: By the end of the century, sea levels will rise two meters, overwhelming certain island nations. Sussman points out that the oceans have been rising tiny fractions of an inch each year since the Ice Age. At that rate, in the next 90 years, we’ll see the waters rise a few inches. We’ll adjust.

— Claim No. 3: The United States and other developed countries should mandate the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and should do this by rationing energy use. By doing so, they claim, we will lessen the effects of the previously described global warming.

But planetary warming is not a problem. An increasing number of scientists and other believers in human-caused warming are rethinking their positions. They realize that fixing climate change, an absurd concept, is simply an excuse for U.N. planners to move wealth from richer countries to poorer ones. In order to perpetuate this global climate regime, countries will be forced to ration energy. When countries drastically cut energy use they limit their potential for growth. And of course, that’s the point. In “Climategate,” Sussman quotes President Obama’s Director of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, who wrote, “A massive campaign must be launched in North America to restore a high-quality environment and to de-develop the United States.” Conservative leader Cathie Adams, another participant at the conference, visited a community outside Cancun where the houses are made of discarded campaign posters and people prepare meals on old ironing boards. She wondered if this is what UN planners mean when they advocate drastic emissions cuts.

We should admit these climate conferences are really economic conferences meant to squeeze successful economies.
Penna Dexter is a conservative activist and frequent panelist on the “Point of View” syndicated radio program. Her weekly commentaries air on the Bott and Moody Radio Networks.

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