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FIRST-PERSON: They won’t be satisfied … until

McMINNVILLE, Ore. (BP)–On April 20, Connecticut became the latest state in America to sanction civil unions.

The law is ballyhooed by homosexual activists because it is the first time a state legislature has voluntarily passed such legislation. Vermont was pressured by the courts to recognize civil unions and Massachusetts was forced by judicial fiat to legalize homosexual “marriage.”

The only thing that separates Connecticut’s civil unions from marriage is an amendment to the bill that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman. Legislators might as well have called the unions “garriage.”

Connecticut civil unions are limited to same-sex couples. Proponents of homosexual “marriage” insist that traditional matrimony is discriminatory because it only allows for the union of one man and one woman. According to the logic of homosexual apologists, Connecticut’s civil union law discriminates because it does not include opposite-sex couples.

Unmarried opposite sex couples in Connecticut should be outraged. How dare they be denied the benefits of marriage just because they don’t want to marry! It makes me wonder why there is no “heterosexuals living together with pride movement.” Come to think of it, there is. It’s called Hollywood.

The ink on the Connecticut bill was barely dry before homosexual activists were sounding off on the legislation. Anne Stanback, president of a group called Love Makes a Family, said Connecticut’s civil union bill is a “down payment on the promise of full protection and equality and marriage.”

If you think civil unions are going to appease homosexual activists, I have stock in a company that manufactures 8-track tapes that I would like to sell you.

Homosexual apologists are willing to settle for civil unions — for a while. The hope is that civil unions will desensitize society toward the idea of homosexual “marriage.”

However, homosexual activists are not going to be fully satisfied until their relationships are celebrated as normal, natural and healthy. They believe redefining marriage so as to include homosexual relationships will force societal acceptance.

To those activists who think homosexual “marriage” is the magic key to society’s acceptance, I extend the stock offer mentioned above. I will even throw in shares in a company that produces Betamax video equipment.

Interestingly, Connecticut’s civil union legislation was signed one day after a Gallup poll was released titled, “Americans Turn More Negative Toward Same-Sex Marriage.”

The poll indicates that public support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would define marriage as “being between one man and one woman, thus barring marriages between gay or lesbian couples” now stands at 57 percent.

According to the Gallup news service, this figure is “the highest measured across the seven times the question has been asked using the wording since the summer of 2003.”

Homosexual activists have tried to convince the country that opposition to same-sex “marriage” is a partisan issue. They insist certain segments of society overwhelmingly support the concept of homosexual “marriage.” A close look at the Gallup poll dispels this assertion.

Seventy-one percent of Republicans support an amendment as do 51 percent of independents. Opinion was split among Democrats with 45 percent in favor of restricting marriage to members of the opposite sex and 47 percent opposed.

Among demographic groups, the lowest support for an amendment was found among those in the 50-64 age range (the crème de la crème of the baby boom generation). Of this group, 51 percent support an amendment. Even a majority of the live-and-let-live, let-it-all-hang-out flower children of the ’60s are in favor of limiting marriage to heterosexuals.

However, most surprising -– especially to homosexual activists –- the support for an amendment among younger people (age 18-29) is 56 percent.

Proponents of homosexual marriage have long maintained that time was on their side. They were confident that once open-minded young people became leaders in society the acceptance of same-sex “marriage” would be guaranteed. Hence, the reason they have worked so hard to funnel homosexual propaganda into public schools and popular entertainment.

Since the effort to brainwash “homophobic” teens is proving to be less than effective, I wonder what tactic homosexual activists will attempt next.

The Gallup poll not only found strong support for a constitutional marriage amendment, it also found that 68 percent of Americans say that homosexual marriages should not be recognized by law.

On the issue of civil unions, Gallup found the country split. However, civil unions are a moot point, because homosexual activists like them less than the general public. Even Connecticut’s effort to provide “garriage” is not good enough. Homosexual apologists want same-sex “marriage” because America is going to celebrate their lifestyle whether it wants to or not.
Kelly Boggs, whose column appears each Friday in Baptist Press, is pastor of the Portland-area Valley Baptist Church in McMinnville, Ore.

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