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IMB technology dept. announces new structure

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) — The International Mission Board’s Technology Solutions leader announced a new structure designed to more wisely leverage technology for the accomplishment of the entity’s mission during a board-wide town hall meeting Thursday (March 2).

The reorganization of the information technology team is designed to achieve a higher level of services and enhance security for Southern Baptist international missionaries, IMB leadership announced. The decision was driven by a shift to the cloud (off-site data storage) and other industry-wide technology changes, which fundamentally allow users to accomplish more with fewer resources.

The Technology Solutions department currently includes 65 personnel comprised of home-office staff, contractors, and eight field-based missionaries. The restructure of the team will result in 43 remaining positions. The transition from the current structure to the future state will take place over approximately 18-20 months.

By March 31, all existing Technology Solutions personnel will know if they have a position in the new structure. If a new position remains unfilled after interviewing existing Technology Solutions personnel, the job posting will remain open for external candidates.

No missionaries will be required to leave the field as a result of the restructuring. Missionaries will either remain in Technology Solutions or transition to another role on the field.

The Technology Solutions personnel were notified of the restructuring on Wednesday (March 1), in private team meetings conducted prior to the board-wide announcement. Chris Gerhardt, who serves as chief information officer for IMB, presented the plan, with additional details announced by IMB’s human resources department.

The full trustee body and its administration committee had an opportunity to discuss the plan and ask questions at their Feb. 28-March 1 board meeting prior to the reorganization being implemented and announced to staff.

“Please join me in praying for each member of the Technology Solutions staff,” Gerhardt said.

“They will be facing a lot of uncertainty over the next 30 days as we work through the selection process to determine which of the existing personnel will have a position in our restructured organization. And then please pray for us as we implement this new restructure. We are confident that this will lead to a higher level of service throughout the organization, but we also know that we cannot achieve this goal without the Lord’s help.”

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