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IMB shares Southern Baptist missions history in 57 seconds

In 57 Seconds, a video series produced by the International Mission Board, you can hear truths of God’s work around the world throughout history and how Southern Baptists have joined Him in biblically sound ways.

Global missions researcher Wilson S. Geisler IV shares insights, facts and reports every Thursday via Twitter and YouTube. He takes a historical look at what the Lord has done through Southern Baptists and the IMB.

Geisler and IMB’s production team provide bite-sized information from a wealth of history that is the very foundation of the missionary task. The videos, resources and graphics are downloadable on the IMB website for churches to use.

“We have this wealth of information and felt that it could help churches, partners and individuals,” Geisler said. “One of the best things we can do is just show what God’s doing through the IMB. It’s no different than what He’s done in previous times in history.”

The fast-talking researcher admits to being a nerd in love with facts and history. He uses 57 Seconds –  or 190 words – to say something that can serve Southern Baptist leaders as they educate and disciple their own churches. Topics covered since the series began in late January include the following: entry according to Jesus, history of Christianity in Northern Africa and the Middle East, how the IMB collects data for the annual statistical report, expansion of the early church and much more.

Andrew Hébert, pastor at Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo, Texas, said the insights shared in the videos serve pastors and churches as they seek to understand the mission fields of the world and the mission to which Jesus called the church.

“I encourage pastors to follow this new feature from IMB,” Hébert said.

Chris Wall, IMB trustee and senior pastor of The Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma, calls 57 Seconds a weekly snapshot of Gospel advancement around the world.

“As a pastor, I often find myself in the grind of ministry and forget my local efforts are a part of something global and historic,” Wall said. “The 57 Seconds update helps me look out and look up. This update helps me to remember the Gospel is powerful and the Church will never be stopped.”

Tune in for a weekly reminder that God is powerfully at work and Southern Baptists are invited to join the missionary task.

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