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In print & online resources, LifeWay urges prayer for revival

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention is urging Southern Baptists through print and online resources to be a catalyst for revival in the midst of disaster.

Several articles are featured in a special section of the agency’s December issue of Facts and Trends. A variety of resources are available on a special website scheduled for activation Nov. 27 at www.lifeway.com/InGodWeTrust.

In his Facts & Trends article, LifeWay President James T. Draper Jr. urges four actions: for pastors to examine their own spiritual condition; for pastors to call their churches to personal evaluation, repentance and revival; for Southern Baptists to make prayer their priority; and for every church to reach its community through praying with neighbors and witnessing.

Draper compares the results of 2001 terrorism acts with the state of Jerusalem reported to Nehemiah in the fifth century B.C.

“The news, as recounted in Nehemiah 1:4-8, reported such disastrous conditions in the city that Nehemiah was overcome with grief…. Today, we are facing our vulnerability in a new and frightening way,” Draper writes. “How can we deal with terrorists who are willing to die to destroy us?”

Just as God responded to the cries of one individual, Nehemiah, Draper continues, “If God can find one person who has a heart for him, he will act! Will you be that person God can use?”

Also included in the Facts & Trends issue is an article by Gene Mims, vice president of the LifeWay Church Resources division. Calling today’s circumstances “the opportunity of a lifetime,” he urges readers to “Go to your knees. Go to the Word of God. Go to your people. Go to your world.”

Other articles include an interview with Bobby Welch, pastor of First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, Fla., where FAITH Sunday school evangelism teams made different kinds of visits after Sept. 11; a Help and Hope Opinion Poll to help teams reach their communities; and lists of books on prayer, fasting and revival.

Online resources to be available through the special www.lifeway.com/InGodWeTrust website are downloadable sermon suggestions, video messages, articles and witnessing helps. A tract from the “Attack on America Help and Hope Survival Kit” developed by First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, is available in a downloadable format. Churches will be encouraged to report on their activities in praying for revival and sending teams into communities. The site will be updated regularly, and links to other online resources will be provided.
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