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Jars of Clay lead singer receives Bob Briner award

LOS ANGELES (BP)–Dan Haseltine, lead singer for Jars of Clay was recently awarded the inaugural Robert A. Briner Impact Award for artists whose work has made a mark in mainstream culture through entertainment.

Haseltine accepted the award from Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute director John Mark Reynolds during an Oct. 16 ceremony on the campus of Biola University in Los Angeles.

The award is named in memory of Robert A. Briner, president of ProServ Television. Briner was an Emmy-award winner and global pioneer in sports media who worked with sports giants like Arthur Ashe, Dave Dravecky, Michael Jordan and others.

His greatest lasting legacy, however, was authoring “Roaring Lambs” late in his life, a book that encouraged artists to pursue excellence and to “give people the chance to choose good things instead of bad things.”

“I know that Bob would be very pleased with this award. Dan highly deserves it,” said Briner’s widow, Marty.

Haseltine, the first recipient of the award, is the lead vocalist and lyricist for the Grammy award-winning band, Jars of Clay. Best known for the hit single, “Flood,” off of their 1995 multi-platinum debut album, the band’s talent has earned them, among other honors, two Grammy awards.

The inaugural award was given to Haseltine in consultation with Marty Briner; Scripps Howard News Service columnist Terry Mattingly; Mark Joseph, president of MJM Entertainment Group; and Barry Landis, vice president of Atlantic Records.

“Jars of Clay is a band that has impacted the music culture with its folk-rock style and aggressive poetry,” Landis said.

Haseltine and band mates Stephen Mason, Matt Odmark and Charlie Lowell have composed music for major studio film soundtracks including “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” “Hard Rain,” “The Chamber” and “The Prince of Egypt.”

Jars of Clay’s music has also appeared in several television programs, including “Providence” (NBC) and daytime drama, “One Life to Live” (ABC).

“Dan Haseltine is a man who seeks after goodness, truth and beauty,” said John Mark Reynolds, founder and director of Torrey Honors Institute. “He is a true poet, a leader and a compassionate helper. Of this I am convinced and we are pleased to have been able to honor him.”

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