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‘Jesus’ film tour takes gospel to unreached Fulani in Niger

NIAMEY, Niger (BP)–More than 2,000 people of the unreached Western Fulani people group heard the good news of God’s love during a two-week tour of the “Jesus” film in the Niger Republic.

People lingered behind after each showing to ask questions about the message, reported Southern Baptist missionary Kris Riggs. Follow-up work in the villages where the film was shown resulted in further contacts as well.

“In one village, there were Gourmantche men who met us during follow-up visits, who are begging for someone to come and teach their village about Jesus,” Riggs wrote. “We are seeking ways of getting to their villages, even though we don’t speak their language.”

In another village, workers anticipated meeting with three seekers who had previously seen the film. Instead, 30 men came to hear a full presentation of the gospel and to ask questions.

Only 50 believers are scattered among the 450,000 Western Fulani. No churches exist to proclaim the gospel or worship in their language. The Fulani are deeply rooted in Islam, making contacts difficult to form.

In one village, a man invited the missionaries to come present the gospel in his home. However, he recanted his invitation after the village chief, religious leaders, family and friends threatened him if he continued to pursue Christianity.

Follow-up work will continue more intensely after the harvesting season in the fall, Riggs said.

“Only God knows what all will come of this, but it surely seems he is doing some great things already,” the missionary wrote.
The Riggs’ Internet site is http://www.byhisgrace.com/fulani/; to find out about missionary teams focused on unreached people groups, go to http://www.peopleteams.org/.

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