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Life on Mission resource ready for release

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) — Liz Olear says she’s learned Christians can’t separate faith from other areas of life.

Olear served for several months as a missionary through an internship program, called Generation Send, with the North American Mission Board. And through also participating in a NAMB Life On Mission study, Olear says, she’s become convinced of how integrated the Gospel should be to all areas of life.

In conjunction with Moody Publishers, NAMB launched the Life On Mission book Sept. 1. In November the Life On Mission resource kit will be available. In addition to the book, the kit includes the 3 Circles Life Conversation Guide evangelism resource and the Life On Mission Bible Study Guide, published by LifeWay.

There are opportunities every day for a Christian to share their faith, Olear says.

“You can’t compartmentalize when you choose to be on mission. Life on mission means your life never stops being on mission,” Olear said.

“Honestly, if you think about why we’re here, our reason for being is the Great Commission. So, if we’re not setting up our schedules so we can make disciples then what are we doing with our time?”

The resource kit provides church leaders and individuals resources for in-depth study of how believers can live a life on mission in the midst of their busy schedules and everyday responsibilities.

NAMB president Kevin Ezell said, “We want to help every believer discover the mission God has for them. That will transform our churches and it will transform lives as well.”

LifeWay’s five-week video-driven Bible study for groups walks through God’s heart for His mission and what it looks like in a practical way to intentionally share the Gospel.

Dustin Willis is NAMB’s mobilization and equipping coordinator. He co-wrote the book with Aaron Coe, vice president of mobilization and marketing at NAMB.

“These resources were developed out of a desire to see believers empowered to abandon their own mission and embrace the everyday mission of God,” Willis said. “We really believe there is nothing more freeing and nothing healthier for the church than for us to see our lives as lived for God’s mission in the world.”

The Life On Mission book is available at Lifeway stores and online at lifewaystores.com. Tablet and phone versions of the book are available at the iTunes and at Google play.

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