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LifeWay & Pure Online offer recovery from sexual addictions

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–LifeWay Christian Resources has joined with Pure Online to offer an Internet-based recovery program for sexual addiction and pornography that provides anonymity along with a call to accountability.

“LifeWay wants to recognize what a blight sexual addiction and pornography have become in this culture,” said Bruce Mills, manager of online learning in LifeWay’s e-business department. “We hope to help people get the support for the recovery they need.”

Brandon Cotter, Pure Online founder and chief executive officer, said years of working in the Internet industry made him aware of what a problem pornography was becoming.

“There’s been massive growth in the Internet pornography industry, but I saw little growth in the area of combating that addiction,” Cotter said. “Pure Online came about as a way to help solve this very real Internet need.”

Pure Online features a 30-day curriculum that alternates between sessions of streaming video and workbook material. The workbook is available for download online or, for an additional fee, through mail.

The sessions are led by speakers such as Joe Dallas, licensed counselor and program director of Genesis Counseling, a Christian counseling service for men dealing with sexual addiction, homosexuality and other sexual/relational problems; Liz Casteel, licensed counselor and president of Nikao Counseling Center; Kenny Luck, president of Every Man Ministries and minister to men at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.; and Craig Gross, pastor and founder of XXXchurch.com.

Cotter explained that the video sessions these and other speakers present are deliberately personal and specific in nature. He said there are moments throughout the curriculum when users should feel like speakers are addressing them directly.

“We wanted to have something that connected to users in a very personal way,” he said.

Steve Bond, senior editor of Bible reference book publishing in LifeWay’s Broadman & Holman division, evaluated the curriculum before LifeWay partnered with Pure Online. He found the materials “strongly grounded theologically” and was impressed by the program overall.

“The specificity of repentance is really the power of the study,” Bond said, adding that people too often seek blanket forgiveness for their sins rather than asking God’s forgiveness for a particular vice in their life.

While the Pure Online curriculum allows users the security of anonymity at the start of their recovery process, Bond said the emphasis placed on accountability makes the study even more effective.

“One of the biblical pictures of walking in Christ’s redemption is walking in the light rather than darkness,” Bond explained. “The picture of walking in the light is walking transparently in front of other people –- of taking off the mask and letting the real eye be seen.”

Cotter said the Pure Online curriculum is designed to prepare users for the often daunting task of being in a real, transparent, accountability relationship.

“From a recovery standpoint, we know that God works through people,” Cotter said. “We believe that accountability is a vital part of the process.”

Pure Online originally offered curriculum for Christian men, particularly those who are married. In August 2005, however, the curriculum expanded to include programs for single men and women. Cotter said programs for wives, pastors and parents may follow in the coming year.

“[Pure Online] is geared toward those who are struggling themselves, but it’s helpful to those who are just trying to better understand the problem,” he said, pointing out that wives, pastors and accountability partners sometimes complete the study as a learning tool.

For more information or to register for study, visit www.lifeway.com/learning.

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