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Live-action video to bring Super Dude to SBC churches

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Super Dude, the Southern Baptist Convention’s teenage missions superhero, will expand the scope of his live-action Cooperative Program adventures this fall via a videotaped production of “Super Dude and the CP Squad.”

The Super Dude and the CP Squad video will be taped before a studio audience on Aug. 20 and will be available to churches later this year, said David Hankins, vice president for Cooperative Program with the SBC Executive Committee. Billabong Films, based in Nashville, Tenn., will be producing the one-hour show.

“When we originally introduced Super Dude, we discovered that many churches do not have the resources to produce the Super Dude skits,” Hankins said. “That is why we are so excited about this video. It will make Super Dude and the CP Squad a more complete package for churches of all sizes.”

John Kyle, director of Cooperative Program development, said churches are excited about the Super Dude series.

“Many people came to our booth during the SBC annual meeting in New Orleans looking to supplement their current missions materials,” Kyle said. “They were excited about what they saw and are looking forward to using Super Dude and the CP Squad to help their children learn about the CP Missions vision and how God is using CP Missions to share Christ with the people in their state and around the world.”

So far, churches have ordered 59,764 activity books and 11,659 leaders’ guides.

“Our state conventions had been asking for some new, creative ways to communicate the CP missions message to children,” Kyle said. “We feel Super Dude provides a fun, imaginative way for three groups to learn about CP missions simultaneously – children, youth and adults.”

The Super Dude story line: David Hicks, an ordinary Southern Baptist teenager, wins a Bible Drill competition. His prize is a Bible that hasn’t been opened in 700 years. When he opens the Bible and begins to read Scripture, David receives a visit from an angel named Fred who gives David the opportunity to become a Christian superhero.

David joins forces with Andy the Faithful Sidekick, Katie, Tater the computer guy and Fred. Together, they are Super Dude and the CP Squad. And their mission is to show kids how they can take the gospel of Christ to the world.

The video will also unveil a state-of-the-art set, colorful graphics, special effects and a live-action cast.

The video features Tim Harms in the role of Super Dude. Harms, 13, is a member of The People’s Church, also known as First Baptist Church, Franklin, Tenn.

“I’m playing Super Dude because I want to use my talents and abilities to glorify God,” Harms said. “It would be really exciting to actually be able to lead a little kid to Christ as Super Dude. That would be awesome for me.”

Along with Harms, the cast includes Cory Gearrin as the older version of Super Dude; Richard Sparkman, Alex Parman, Caley Cheney, Josh Tinius, Ashley Mason, Ryan McGary, Aaron Shepherd, Bryan Robison, Hannah Roberts, Jenna Wetherholt, Brandon Norman, Bryan Robison and Chris Rosenhaur.

Despite a summer of strenuous practices, Harms said the opportunity to play Super Dude is exciting.

“This is a show that you can have fun with,” Harms said. “Even though the message is for kids, I think even adults can watch the video and have a good time. It’s a comedy.”

Harms said he considers acting as a ministry.

“I just want to give all my talents to God,” he said. “I may not be the best actor, but I want to serve God. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.”

Super Dude and the CP Squad was created by Todd Starnes, assistant editor of Baptist Press, the official news service of the SBC. The characters were adapted from a collection of plays written by Starnes called “The Great Adventures of Super Dude.”

For more information on how churches can order the Super Dude project, Kyle said state Cooperative Program offices can be contacted or the national CP Missions office at 1-800-722-9407.
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