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MARRIAGE DIGEST: Mayors table amendment resolution

BOSTON (BP)–A resolution opposing the Federal Marriage Amendment failed to pass the U.S. Conference of Mayors June 28 when it was tabled by a vote of 46-44.

Meeting in Boston, the mayors decided not to vote on the amendment, which was sponsored by three Democratic mayors — Boston’s Thomas Menino, Chicago’s Richard Daley and San Francisco’s Gavin Newsom. All three support same-sex “marriage.”

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to debate the Federal Marriage Amendment the week of July 12. A recent CBS News poll showed that 60 percent of Americans support a constitutional marriage amendment, while a Wirthlin Worldwide poll showed support to be at 67 percent.

POPULAR IN UTAH — Utah citizens will vote on a state constitutional marriage amendment this November, and a new poll shows that most support it. The survey of 909 registered voters found that 62 percent say they’ll vote for the amendment, 32 percent say they’ll vote against it.

The poll was conducted for the Deseret Morning News newspaper and KSL-TV.

At least six states will vote on state constitutional amendments this year, and that number could climb to as high as 13. State constitutional amendments prevent state courts from legalizing same-sex “marriage,” such as what happened in Massachusetts.

Nationally, pro-family groups are pushing for the Federal Marriage Amendment, saying it is the only way to prevent Massachusetts’ marriage laws from spreading to all 50 states.

REPLACING ZELL — Seven Democrats are running in Georgia to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Zell Miller, and only one is backing a federal constitutional marriage amendment.

The two Democrats who are considered the frontrunners — U.S. Rep. Denise Majette and businessman Cliff Oxford — have taken opposing positions. Majette is against an amendment, Oxford is for it.

“I support marriage between a man and a woman, and I intend to vote accordingly,” Oxford said, according to the Associated Press.

But it’s unclear if Oxford would support the Federal Marriage Amendment in its current language. His spokesperson told the Savannah Morning News that he would support an amendment only if it left the issue of Vermont-style civil unions up to each state. Although amendment supporters deny it, some Senate Democrats have charged that the Federal Marriage amendment also bans civil unions.

In addition, Oxford has yet to take a stance on a state constitutional marriage amendment that will be on the ballot in Georgia in November. His comments during the debate have resulted in criticism from liberal activists within the party, the newspaper reported.

The winner of the July 20 Democratic primary will face the Republican primary winner this November.

Miller, perhaps the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, supports the Federal Marriage Amendment.

CONTROVERSIAL GOP CHAIRMAN — Judy Baar Topinka, the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, participated in the “Gay Pride” parade in Chicago June 27, according to The Illinois Leader. She even had a float.

“I’m a firm believer that all citizens in the state of Illinois deserve the same rights,” she told the Chicago Tribune. “No more, no less.”

Baar Topinka was the only Republican in the parade, according to The Leader. Three Democrats, including the state’s lieutenant governor and U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, participated.

Illinois conservatives criticized Barr Topinka’s participation.

“The last thing the Illinois GOP needs now is to embrace immorality so that our states’ voters have no contrasting choices over issues like homosexual ‘marriage’ and the promotion of homosexuality in our schools,” Peter LaBarbera, head of the Illinois Family Institute, said in a statement.
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