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Mid-Continent launches fast-track ‘Honors Elite’

MAYFIELD, Ky. (BP)–A new fast-track degree program, “Honors Elite,” has been launched at Mid-Continent University in Mayfield, Ky.

Honors Elite will allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree with a double major in global business ethics (business administration) and English communications in two and a half years.

Robert Imhoff, president of Mid-Continent, described Honors Elite as “an exceptional program for exceptional students. This type of program will be of interest to students who are interested in getting to graduate school ahead of schedule or who want to get into the job market and earn income as soon as possible.”

Imhoff added, “Another advantage is that the Honors Elite program will reduce the cost of a four-year accredited degree significantly.”

Mid-Continent, with an overall enrollment of 875 students, is a four-year liberal arts institution affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Honors Elite will not be “for the faint of heart,” a university news release noted. There will be a “Great Books” component, encompassing 50 books in a range of disciplines and oral comprehensive exams before a juried faculty. “Each student must demonstrate knowledge using reasoned thought and language skills,” Imhoff said. Additionally, two three-hour-credit courses will involve travel study in various locations for 10-12-day periods.

In addition to the academic courses, students will be expected to engage in travel study and to serve as “University Ambassadors,” performing weekly community service.

“These students will be seen as leaders,” Imhoff said, “and as such, sub-par academic performance and/or inappropriate behavior will not be acceptable. Students must also adhere to and sign a pledge of academic honesty and integrity to our honor code.”

Students will enter the program as a cohort group and go through each course together in sequence. A new cohort will begin with each 25 students admitted to the program.

More information about Honors Elite can be obtained by calling the university’s admissions office at (270) 247-8521, ext. 238 or 244.

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