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New application inserts Bible verses into documents

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Many a seminary student has burned the midnight oil writing lengthy theological papers referencing Bible verses with hard-to-spell historical figures such as Melchizedik and ancient locations such as Gederothaim.

EZWord, a new tool from the e-business department of LifeWay Christian Resources is designed to, among other things, help alleviate some of the small inaccuracies that can occur when even the most meticulous person tries to hold a Bible open and type complicated text into a document at the same time.

Developed by WORDSearch in cooperation with LifeWay, EZword allows users to quickly view and insert biblical texts in a computer program even if only the verse reference is given.

“EZword’s biggest benefit is convenience,” said Gary McClure, marketing manager in LifeWay’s e-business department. “Users can hover over any Scripture reference with a computer cursor and EZword will instantly present the biblical text. It can also automatically insert Scripture passages into e-mails, documents and presentations with only a simple keystroke.”

EZword works in numerous PC programs including e-mail, Web browsers and word processors. Once downloaded, it functions automatically so users do not have to open the application in order to use it.

Multiple translations are available, but the standard EZword application provides text in both the King James and Holman Christian Standard Bible versions. In addition to providing text from these two translations, EZword offers supplemental information and context in bullet points and footnotes.

“EZword is particularly useful for anyone who uses a computer and accesses Scripture,” McClure said. “We’ve had many types of ministry leaders test the application with very favorable results. It’s also quite handy for teachers and students; those in Christian education think it’s very practical.”

EZword is not a subscription service but can be downloaded directly from the website for $9.95. No extra software is necessary.
For more information on EZword and to view a demonstration of the program, visit www.ezword.com.

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