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New Bible for preschoolers results from LifeWay units’ collaboration

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Holman Bible Publishers and the preschool Sunday school ministry department at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention have joined forces to produce the “Read to Me Bible for Kids.”
Designed for the age range of newborn through kindergarten, the Read to Me Bible for Kids features the easy-to-read New International Reader’s Version text, 30 full-page/full-color Bible illustrations and corresponding stories and Bible vocabulary/Bible verse highlight sections. Study resources include support pages for parents and teachers suggesting effective ways of sharing the Bible with a young audience.
The “Living in Bible Times” section helps children understand some of the basic elements surrounding the stories in the Bible.
“One of the most foundational truths that young children should grasp is that the Bible is a book from God, and all that it says is true,” said executive editor Thomas Sanders, who also directs the preschool Sunday school ministry department. “For this reason, parents and teachers of preschoolers should use a real Bible with illustrations that portray real people — not a storybook that makes the Bible’s people and stories appear to be fiction or fantasy.”
Sanders also said the Read to Me Bible for Kids fulfills his department’s need to have a suitable child-friendly, long-lasting Bible that his staff can rely heavily upon when developing future Sunday school materials.
Holman’s executive vice president, David Shepherd, agreed, noting, “This is a Bible that kids can use at church and at home. It has enough broad appeal to reach any child under the age of 6, and thus it will help them begin to recognize very early the impact that the Bible will have in their lives.”
This alliance between the two LifeWay components began in 1996 when the preschool Sunday school ministry department contacted Holman about the marketplace need for an updated preschool Bible study resource. It was agreed that the preschool leaders would supply new text and illustrations for the Bible story features as well as the study support pages for adults and children. Holman provided the translation, production duties and editorial support.
The Read to Me Bible for Kids is available through LifeWay Christian Stores and many other outlets.
Other current and upcoming Holman releases include the “True Love Waits Bible” with commentary from James Dobson, Max Lucado and Josh McDowell, the “Celebrate Jesus! Millennium Bible” featuring daily devotionals from respected author Calvin Miller, and, available Dec. 1, the “TruthQuest Inductive Student Bible” for teenagers, edited by youth minister Steve Keels.

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