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Palau ministry to utilize Holman CSB

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–The Luis Palau Association has selected the Holman Christian Standard Bible’s translation of the Gospel of John for its “Growing Faith” study book for new and recommitted Christians. The resource utilizing the Holman CSB will be launched at the Luis Palau Nashville CityFest outreach May 19-20 and be used in other LPA events throughout 2008 and beyond.

The Palau ministry will use more than 170,000 Holman CSB English copies plus 45,000 Spanish copies from La Biblia de las Américas, a contemporary Spanish translation of the Scriptures from the original languages. La Biblia de las Américas New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs will be available this summer through Holman Bible Outreach International.

Established by LifeWay Christian Resources in 2001, Holman Bible Outreach International functions as a Bible society to facilitate the distribution of the Holman CSB and to provide affordable Bibles and Scripture portions for the purpose of evangelism and ministry.

“A contemporary translation like the Holman Christian Standard Bible, which is clear yet totally faithful to the original language, is essential for someone who gives his or her life to Jesus Christ,” Luis Palau said. “It is the key to growing and maturing in one’s faith.”

“What an honor it is for a world-renown evangelist such as Luis Palau to choose the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation for Nashville CityFest follow-up materials,” said Phill Burgess, executive director of Holman Bible Outreach International. “Luis is a highly respected man of God who understands the importance of people having a clear and contemporary translation of the Bible that also is biblically accurate.”

HBOI recently created a New Testament based on the Holman CSB translation titled “The Gift,” which includes a 30-day devotional guide and brief contemporary statements that elaborate on key passages of Scripture. The Luis Palau Association will use The Gift’s Gospel of John along with its commentaries.

Twenty years in the making, the Holman CSB is the first major English translation of the Bible in this generation. It was translated directly from the original biblical languages, combining a precise rendering of the biblical text with a reader-friendly style geared to contemporary English usage. Modern studies in linguistics have been incorporated into the Holman CSB, including modern grammar. The new translation also takes advantage of the latest advances in biblical scholarship and computer technology that were not available to previous translators.

The Holman CSB was created by Holman, America’s oldest Bible publisher and a division of Nashville, Tenn.-based B&H Publishing Group, which is owned by LifeWay. Since the release of the entire Holman CSB in 2004, it has become one of the best-selling Bible translations on the market.

From his early days sharing the Gospel on the streets of Buenos Aires, Luis Palau has preached the Gospel to more than 1 billion people worldwide through radio, television, print, the Internet and festivals. He has spoken before live audiences to more than 25 million people. Whether on stage, through his radio messages heard daily in more than 40 countries or in counsel and prayer with leaders from the local church to the White House, Palau consistently remains one of the world’s most effective spiritual communicators.
For more information about Holman Bible Outreach International, visit www.holmanbibleoutreach.org. For more information about Luis Palau, go to www.palau.org.

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