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PepsiCo supports gay pride group

CHICAGO (BP)–PepsiCo was instrumental in forming Chicago’s “Citywide Pride,” a coalition of companies partnering during Pride Month (June) to celebrate diversity in the workplace.

“In particular, the [Citywide Pride] consortium strives to educate and empower the LGBT workforce and their allies. A wide array of LGBTA focused educational and celebratory events are held throughout the month,” the group’s website said.

PepsiCo, listed on the “sponsors” webpage for Citywide Pride, was joined by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, JPMorgan Chase, Orbitz and several other companies in hosting “Family Pride at the Museum of Science and Industry,” one of a dozen-plus homosexual-oriented events in Chicago during June.

“It will be a time for the LGBTA community to celebrate with their family and friends at one of the greatest venues in Chicagoland. Lunch and general admission will be provided,” the webpage noted.

According to the American Family Association, which launched a boycott of PepsiCo earlier this year, Philene Frazar of PepsiCo said at a homosexual advocacy conference earlier this year that the company regularly recruits and invites employees from smaller companies to attend gay pride parades.

“It really is a true celebration of the entire community when PepsiCo steps out to be a part of a parade,” Frazar said. “In most of these cities, we are giving out a sampling of all our product lines, which are as diverse as Tropicana juice, all the way to Frito-Lay chips. We also hand out cups and banners and whistles. It’s really a true corporate presence once we hit the parade route.”

Among other events during June’s Citywide Pride in Chicago:

— LGBT Adoption: Managing the process at home and at work

— Conceivable Options: Alternative family building

— Advertising on a Kinsey Scale — A spectrum of LGBT advertising appeals

— Family Pride at the Museum of Science and Industry (sponsored by PepsiCo).

For more information on the PepsiCo boycott launched by the American Family Association, visit boycottpepsico.com.
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