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Pure Flix wants to give better streaming options

NASHVILLE (BP) – If flipping through your streaming service leaves you longing for more, Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott is thinking of you. Scott hopes his content is not only safe for kids but uplifting for whole families and even local churches.  

Founded in 2015, Pure Flix is a streaming service designed to provide faith-based or family friendly content for Christians.

Scott described the service as “a light in the darkness through the power of storytelling.”

All content is screened by Pure Flix, and all the included movies and television shows do not contain any “surprises” of sex, violence or language.

Included in the thousands of titles are shows like VeggieTales and The Chosen as well as films like God’s Not Dead, Courageous, The Case for Christ and Woodlawn.

“We watch all this content and we say ultimately is this content good or bad looking at it from the faith perspective,” Scott said.

“People know when they come here, they can sit down with the whole family,” he told Baptist Press.

He says they ask, “…is it drawing you closer or farther away from God.”

An increased desire for streaming services during the COVID-19 pandemic gave Pure Flix the boost they needed.

During the pandemic, the company was acquired by Sony Pictures, which Scott said allowed the service to massively expand its library of movies.

He believes providing healthy content can strengthen families and that can make a difference in the church.

“We have a chance to really put out some content that draws you closer to God, not further away by really exploring key faith themes of hope, love, redemption, and forgiveness. I think that sort of thing helps strengthen the Church as a whole.

“This is an alternative that you can take in something good that it’s going to draw you in closer, and I think that’s why it will be good for the Church and the pastors and what they are trying to accomplish in people’s lives.”

He says they also want the streaming platform to create opportunities for sharing the faith.

“I think it’s been hard for our generation to share their faith,” he said.

Scott believes a show or movie can create a helpful environment, “… sometimes it’s easier to say, ‘do you want a movie or watch a show?’”

Scott also wants to create opportunities for Christian storytelling and filmmaking.

“I think art and entertainment are upstream from culture, so what we do in entertainment and arts has a profound impact on what happens in the culture,” Scott said.

“I think there is a chance for us to have a voice there.”