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REVIEW: The Waiting’s new CD: well worth the wait

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Their long-awaited release is finally here. Two-and-a-half years after their Dove-nominated album “Unfazed,” The Waiting has released “Wonderfully Made,” their first album on their new label, Inpop Records.

As you might guess from the title, Wonderfully Made is a celebration of God’s creation of mankind. The album points out society’s lie about what makes a person beautiful or important.

“We decided at the beginning that we wanted to make a record from a position of strength in Christ,” said lead singer Brad Olsen. “We wanted to scream from the rooftops that we are full of joy; that we are happy and we are strong. I think we have done that.

“This record screams hope,” he said. “It screams joy. It screams strength, and power and fun.”

And the album does that, with one exception. Despite the fun and joyful atmosphere that is displayed throughout the collection, “Sleepless” shifts the jubilant mood into a look at the infectious disease of sin.

Olsen proclaims, “Oh sin, It leaves us here without and hollowed out within. Oh sin, Oh sin. Like a fool to his folly we keep coming back again.”

The rest of the album is filled with great worship songs as well as real life experiences turned into songs. For instance, bass player Clark Leake wrote “Diamonds” when he was setting up his new computer and accidentally tripped on a couple of cords, which sent it crashing down to the floor. He realized that it was nothing to get mad about because, after all, it was just a computer and was not that important compared to eternal possessions.

The sound of this record can be described as Third Day-meets-Newsboys. Ironically, Third Day’s lead singer, Mac Powell, coauthored four of the 10 songs with Brad Olsen, and Newsboy’s drummer Duncan Phillips was the A&R director for Inpop Records.

The production quality of Wonderfully Made is outstanding. Todd Olsen and Bryan Lenox [dc Talk, Michael W. Smith, Sonicflood] improve over Unfazed, which offered too many mid-tempo songs. This album shifts from modern worship tempos to upbeat tempos quite easily, which makes for an enjoyable listen.

Overall, Wonderful Made is, well, wonderfully made. The Waiting has filled their newest release with great lyrics, a catchy and exuberant sound, and a message that needs to be heard.

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