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SBC DIGEST: New NAMB podcast for ministry wives; NOBTS increases aid for missionaries

New Ministry Wives podcast host offers tips she wishes she’d had

By Grace Thornton

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) — Christine Hoover said when she embarked on her ministry as a pastor’s wife that she “was so young and didn’t know what I was doing at all.”

“I definitely had examples, but I desired a lot more help — for people who had been there to say, ‘Here’s what I’ve learned along the way, the mistakes I’ve made,’ and offer some tips and tools,” she said.

That’s what Hoover hopes to do with her new North American Mission Board (NAMB) podcast, “Ministry Wives,” which starts Aug. 15.

“In each episode, you’ll hear from incredible guests who voice the issues and questions we all face in ministry, who give insight, tools and hope regarding those issues, and who remind us of the joys of serving the Lord in ministry,” she said.

The inspiration for the podcast comes from Hoover’s own experiences as she has served alongside her husband, Kyle, for the past 20-plus years in parachurch ministry, at a large multi-staff church and in church planting. The couple has raised their three sons at Charlottesville Community Church, the church they planted in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2008.

“I like sharing what I’ve learned and hearing what others have learned in their context,” Hoover said. “We’re dealing with similar issues no matter where we are.”

Just as ministry isn’t new to her, neither is podcasting or encouraging ministry wives. For nearly five years, Hoover hosted a podcast called “By Faith,” the last season of which focused on issues facing pastors’ wives.

She’s also written two books on the topic — “The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart” and “How to Thrive as a Pastor’s Wife.”

In the first season, Hoover will sit down with different guests who give insight, advice and personal stories from their ministry experiences. The 16-episode season will run for the rest of 2022 and cover topics such as anxiety, deciding which needs to meet and which to let go, serving different demographics and reaching military communities.

Trevin Wax, vice president of research and resource development for NAMB, said Hoover “has become one of the leading voices speaking truth into the families of church planters and pastors.”

“She brings a depth of experience and a knowledge of God’s Word to the issues of the day and seeks to encourage and equip women for ministry at home and in the church,” he said.

Hoover said her hope is that women serving in different capacities — not just pastors’ wives – will find that the podcast resonates with them.

“This podcast is for any woman serving in ministry,” she said.

To learn more or listen to the podcast, visit MinistryWivesPodcast.com.

NOBTS scholarship increase for active missionaries

By Marilyn Stewart/NOBTS

NEW ORLEANS (BP) – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College recently announced an increase in the missionary scholarship for active International Mission Board personnel and returning International Service Corps (ISC) personnel and Journeyman missionaries to cover 75 percent of tuition and fee costs.

Effective immediately, the scholarship increase applies to all undergraduate degree programs, a first master’s degree, or a doctoral degree for qualifying IMB, ISC and Journeyman applicants.

“Supporting the work of the IMB is an absolute top priority for us here at NOBTS,” said NOBTS President Jamie Dew. “We want to do everything possible to create pipelines for our mission board and to equip our current and future missionaries for successful work overseas. We look forward to a day when NOBTS is sending hundreds of her graduates overseas.”

The IMB missionary scholarship is available to fully-funded, full-time, field-assignment IMB personnel. IMB personnel recipients may be on-campus or distance-learning students and are not required to meet the full-time student status to qualify. The IMB missionary scholarship applies also to NOBTS and Leavell College certificate programs.

Returning ISC and Journeyman missionaries must be degree-seeking, full-time status students enrolled in 12 hours at the undergraduate level or nine hours at the graduate level. Applicants must enroll within two years of return from a completed assignment with the IMB and must have intentions of returning to missionary service upon graduation. 

Remaining in place is the NOBTS and Leavell College scholarship program that covers 100 percent of tuition and fees for children of current IMB or NAMB missionaries. Recipients must be the children of fully-funded, full-time, field-assignment personnel, and must be degree-seeking, full-time student status enrolled in 12 hours in the undergraduate program or nine hours at the graduate level. Applicants must be 30 years of age or younger. Children of retired full-time IMB or NAMB personnel will receive a 25 percent scholarship toward tuition and fees.

“NOBTS believes in theologically trained missionaries that minister for a lifetime,” said Greg Mathias, NOBTS Global Mission Center director. “This increase in missionary scholarships is part of our commitment at NOBTS to partner with the IMB for the sake of the Great Commission. Alleviating the financial burden to our missionaries allows us to come alongside them in significant ways as they proclaim the gospel to all peoples and places.”

A missionary scholarship providing 50 percent of tuition and fees costs remains available for fully-funded, full-time, field assignment NAMB personnel toward any undergraduate degree or a first master’s degree at NOBTS and Leavell College. NAMB personnel recipients are not required to meet the full-time student status to qualify and may be on-campus or distance learning students. The NAMB missionary scholarship applies also to NOBTS and Leavell College certificate programs.

The NOBTS missionary scholarship for the doctoral program continues at 30 percent of tuition and fee costs for current NAMB personnel. Applicants must be degree-seeking and currently serving a full-time stateside assignment, and may be on-campus or distance learning students.

For more information on the missionary scholarship requirements, visit www.nobts.edu or email [email protected].

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