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Southern Seminary’s Henry Institute launches issues-oriented website

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)–The Carl F.H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has launched a new website that offers Christians up-to-the-minute analysis applying theology to current issues.

Russell D. Moore, assistant professor of theology at Southern and executive director of the Henry Institute, says the goal of the website is to provide current information and theological analysis to help Christians think biblically about current issues. The address of the site is www.henryinstitute.org.

“Christianity is not just about so-called ‘spiritual’ matters,” Moore said. “Christianity is about the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom that claims every aspect of our lives.

“Scripture commands us to take every thought captive for Christ,” Moore said. “And yet too many of us are unsure of how to maintain a Kingdom vision in a world of spin control from Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street. Too many evangelicals are being discipled by Dan Rather. We simply accept whatever worldview the culture throws at us — at least when it comes to the issues of the day.”

The website will be updated regularly to include essays and articles on issues ranging from Israel and the Middle East to Christian responses to feminism and the current debates over evangelical identity.

The Henry Institute periodically holds symposium events and panel discussions on contemporary theological, cultural and political issues. Issues have included such questions as how to reconcile the love of Christ with a war on terror and how the Middle East peace process fits with Bible prophecy. These will be made available for download from the site by both Real Audio and MP3.

The site also includes a weblog commentary from Moore — “The Moore Report” — on current issues. Recent editions of Moore’s commentary have analyzed topics such as religious liberty in Iraq, Patricia Ireland’s leadership of the YWCA, the Democratic Party’s identity crisis and the controversy over baptizing a homosexual couple in a North Carolina church.

The site also links to a number of other websites that provide Christians with information on cultural, political, theological and public policy issues.

The Henry Institute was named in honor of Carl F.H. Henry, widely considered to be the dean of evangelical theologians. He is the founding editor of Christianity Today and is the author of more than 35 books, including the widely influential “God, Revelation, and Authority.”

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