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Speed (and prayer) thwarts attempt to rob missionaries

OLANCHO, Honduras (BP)–Rosalie Jones doesn’t complain about her husband’s driving anymore.
Rosalie, and her husband, Sam, both Southern Baptist International Mission Board missionaries from Texas, work in the mountain areas of eastern Honduras. They travel to remote villages showing the “Jesus” film. Many who had never heard the gospel have come to Christ through their ministry.
Word of salvation has spread throughout the mountains so quickly that Jones has received more requests than he can fill to visit different villages. In the past, he had to load the film, projector, generator and projection screen onto mules and hike several hours into the areas. Then the couple received a four-wheel-drive vehicle that cut the trips to 20 minutes.
After working in one village, the Joneses started their descent down a twisting dirt road after midnight. “Rosalie complained about my faster-than-usual driving, especially on the dangerous curves,” he recalled. Nonetheless, out of stubbornness — or divine guidance — Jones careened onward at a high rate of speed.
Suddenly, as the couple rounded a steep curve, they spotted six heavily armed bandits dressed in camouflage and ski masks at the side of the road. The speeding vehicle took the bandits by surprise. As they rushed into the road waving their arms for Jones to stop, he sped past, missing them by inches.
The Joneses had been warned by police a few days before that a gang of bandits was operating on the road. Passing the gang, the Joneses braced for the shots they knew would come.
“But there were none as we sped away. Needless to say, Rosalie said nothing about my speed the rest of the way down the mountain,” Jones said.
“We believe it is because of the faithfulness of the many people who pray for us that our lives were spared.”