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Staff favorites 2023

North Carolina pastor Steven Cox baptizes his father.

NASHVILLE (BP) – A flood in Redford, Mich., helped boost attendance at a church’s car show, which saw 246 decisions for Christ. Meanwhile, 556 miles down the road in Stanford, Tenn., Baptists paved the way for their own automobile outreach as they prepare for the 90,000-plus people that come along with Ford Motor Company’s massive new factory.

This year, we saw heroes made of mothers, pastors and high schoolers (football stars and valedictorians). We saw a magician and a major leaguer agree on where their strength comes from. We saw God at work as families chose life and grieved death.

These are just a few of BP’s favorite stories from 2023.

246 salvations at church car show outside Motor City

Pastor performs CPR during drug overdose, donates Narcan to neighboring market

116 Army soldiers profess Christ at First Lawton’s Living Christmas Tree

North Carolina pastor reconciles with parents who abandoned him as a child

John Newton’s Amazing Grace maintains eclectic appeal at 250 years

Ford plant is ‘once-in-a-lifetime event’ in West Tennessee

Magician Stephen Bargatze ‘realizing how great God is’

Friday nights light up brother-sister relationship

Valedictorian speech based on the Gospel goes viral

Darryl Strawberry says true power comes from God

50 years after Vietnam War’s end, churches can help honor and heal

Second Daytona 500 win in three years shows moments matter in racing and life

Let’s hear it for the girl: Beauty queen earns state wrestling title

Buffalo Bills chaplain: prayer for Damar began right away

Proposal on second date leads to marriage of 47 years

Teen’s life of faith, godly love and Bible study leaves untimely legacy

Single mother knew ‘life was the choice’

‘Let the good times roll.’ Carnal New Orleans culture challenges SBC 2023

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