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Study plan information now on the Internet

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Southern Baptists’ 95-year-old study plan for providing leadership and skills development, as well as Christian growth, has entered the electronic age.
Transcripts and church master lists related to the Christian Growth Study Plan (formerly Church Study Course) are now available on the Internet.
According to Morlee Maynard, CGSP ministry coordinator at the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, the new report request system became available in early November at www.bssb.com/cgsp. Logon IDs and personal identification numbers (PIN), provided by the CGSP office are required to access the system. Both were provided to churches during October. Instructions are provided at the Internet site to guide users in obtaining needed information. Data may be viewed, printed and saved to a file.
Begun in 1902, the system is maintained by the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, Woman’s Missionary Union and the Sunday School Board. Active participants in the system include almost 444,000 individuals and 23,820 Southern Baptist churches.
Included are more than 160 diploma plans in English and 30 in Spanish, each including four to six courses. Diplomas for church leaders are offered for Sunday school, discipleship training, music, WMU, Brotherhood, church leadership, women’s and men’s ministries, senior adult and single adult ministries and many others.
Christian growth-oriented courses are organized in 13 subject areas — prayer, worship, missions, evangelism, Bible studies, the church, ministry, Baptist doctrine, Christian stewardship and others.
“Using the Internet to get information eliminates waiting time for annual reports,” Maynard said. “For church offices that do not have access to the Internet, we encourage a church member who has access to obtain the information for their church family. For those who do not have a way to obtain information by computer, we will be glad to provide a printout of their master lists and transcripts upon request at any time.”
Individuals may obtain personal transcripts through their church office, or they may call the CGSP office at (615) 251-2525 to obtain a personal log-on ID and PIN.
General information about the Christian Growth Study Plan also is available, by calling the CGSP office or writing to it at 127 Ninth Avenue, North, Nashville, TN 37234.