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Summerlin withdraws from EC interim presidential nomination, Howe remains

NASHVILLE (BP) – Dan Summerlin has withdrawn from being considered as the SBC Executive Committee transitional interim president and CEO. Jonathan Howe will continue to serve in the role as the EC officers search for another interim candidate.

EC Chairman Philip Robertson made the announcement in Tuesday’s (Sept. 19) Executive Committee meeting.

“Regretfully, Dan Summerlin has withdrawn his name from consideration to be the transitional interim president and CEO,” Robertson said. “The EC officers are thankful for his willingness to be considered for the position.”

In a statement shared with Baptist Press, Summerlin said, “Upon further reflection it has become evident that what is best for the convention and for my family is to withdraw my name from consideration at this time.”

Summerlin’s wife has been dealing with significant health issues.

“This job would require far more of my attention than I am able to give right now as my wife undergoes treatment for breast cancer, and I need to care well for her,” he said.

Summerlin retired at the end of May after serving for 21 years at Lone Oak Baptist Church in Paducah, Ky. He also served churches in Alabama and Mississippi and has been very active in denominational life for the past 40 years.

Howe was named to the role by the EC officers in August following the resignation of Willie McLaurin. Howe has served as the EC vice president of communications since 2019.

Neal Hughes, chairman of the Presidential Search Team, told EC members on Sept. 18 that the team is moving forward in receiving resumes to fill the permanent role. The deadline for submission is Sept. 30.

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