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Support for MKs affirmed by WMU foundation board

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP) — The Woman’s Missionary Union Foundation board of directors has affirmed their support for missionary kids (MKs) by committing to raise additional funding for MK scholarships. The WMU Foundation currently offers scholarships for International Mission Board and North American Mission Board MKs and will work toward providing additional scholarships for a larger number of recipients.

“Increasing scholarship support is one way we can take care of our missionary families, both North American and international,” said Kerri Johnson, WMU Foundation board member. “It helps take a bit of the financial burden off missionary parents.”

Johnson, a NAMB missionary serving in New York at the Graffiti 2 Ministry Center, personally understands the financial needs of missionary parents facing college tuition. Children of current IMB and NAMB missionaries are eligible to apply for scholarships through the WMU Foundation, as well as those whose parents accepted IMB’s recent voluntary retirement incentive.

During the past 20 years, the WMU Foundation has granted scholarships to more than 400 MKs. Because the number of applicants has increased in recent years, the WMU Foundation board made it a priority to increase its ability to grant scholarships.

“We are seeing a trend where there are more applicants than available scholarships,” noted David George, president of the WMU Foundation. “We do not want to continue turning down MKs for scholarships simply because there is not enough funding.”

Securing donations from those who wish to support MK scholarships is key.

“The WMU Foundation stands beside our missionaries and their children in a number of ways,” said Judith Edwards, chair of the WMU Foundation’s development committee. “A gift to MK scholarships is a good way to put feet to your prayers for these special young people who have served during their growing up years alongside their parents.”

While the WMU Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for MKs, the Julia C. Pugh scholarship is the most widely used because it can support both IMB and NAMB MKs.

“When people want to support MK scholarships but aren’t sure where to give, I usually direct them to the Pugh scholarship. It is a great way to help all missionary families,” said Linda Lucas who administers the WMU Foundation’s scholarship program.

George said, “We know this is a tremendous need, and we will do everything in our power to raise the funds needed to help MKs.”

To learn more about making a gift to MK scholarships or for scholarship applications, visit wmufoundation.com.